Friday, July 30, 2021

SPEPs and Sex Toys

     I walked into micro huddle and asked if I missed the pizza party - I had slept in on Thursday. Amy said no, it will be next week. We had 944 tests yesterday, 176 were positive. We are at 99, 672. Good, I said, don't do it without me. I read at lunch the CDC said that the delta variant was as contagious as chicken pox (which I contracted as a child - still have the forehead scars to prove it). We are at an all time high, I believe - over 200 positive in the hospital system. Ninety-one are at Baptist Little Rock, according to her data. That's almost half. Past time to mask up.

    Melody told me that she was really frustrated last week with the serum protein electrophoresis training - there is a new method. I've been cc'd on the emails even though I haven't done them since I abandoned CP years ago. I told Pam King when she stopped me in the hall last week to take me off. Melody said there was a series of seven to ten videos to watch and they were sophomoric. Such a waste of time. They met last week around lunch with the rep and she wasted thirty minutes getting the software to work. Then she did an hour long presentation of guess what? Something the videos already covered. Boring repetitive power point. Toward the end Melody got so frustrated she said, "Can we please skip to the software tutorial? We've already seen all of this." I laughed and said she was turning into me - I was such an introverted go along get along until a few years ago when I snapped. I told her there was hope for her yet, as a troublemaker. 

    Melody asked me to cover for her for another inservice at noon on Thursday - I told her I couldn't bc I had a follow up appointment with the orthopedic doc. Apparently Pam King had told the rep how frustrated the docs were - she apologized up front and said that's what the company had instructed her to do. Pam said please have faith that if you send a half decent training video, or ten, to doctors, they will understand it in spades and will need no rehash. 

    I told Melody that good news is my rotator cuff, according to the MRI, is only 50% torn. Over 50% needs surgery. Under 50% gets physical therapy, which I can do at Baptist rehab. The scheduler called me today and I forgot to call her back but I will on Monday. Two-3 times a week with scheduled ibuprofen. I was jubilant. Two of the micro techs warned me that PT is hell I said don't burst my bubble. No surgery was the best news.

    I told Melody your plight reminds me of my one and only sex toy party a few years back. Kind of like a tupperware party for sex toys and lingerie. There was one in residency that Melissa and Laura Lamps attended a year before I started. It was hosted by the wife of a resident. Melissa told me so many funny stories I felt I had to be a part of it. One of the histotechs in Conway I'm friends with held it for her friend at her house in Maumelle. It was a total train wreck. She was obviously new - despite the festive mood and the drinks and appetizers we were held hostage on the couch for almost two hours hearing the party line, read painfully by the new representative. Go figure there is a party line for sex toys. Granted this was not her real job, she was in transit this was just a way to make money and she was super sweet. But I was so ready to get outta there I took her number and told her I would purchase a few items later I had to get home. Who knew a sex toy party could be so cumbersome and awkward.

    So excited I'm off all weekend. Christy turns half a century today - she's the one who threw my bachelorette party - and we've got fun stuff planned for tomorrow. Lucy loved the shopping trip and Christy last night - we have a date for her to do our makeup Sunday night. Saw Sean and Avery at Boulevard tonight they are such a breath of fresh air. Can't complain about anything despite some kinks in the week. Happy Friday, much love, Elizabeth

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