Thursday, July 22, 2021

Breast Care

     I walked into Staggs' office Monday morning to chat, whatever, I can't remember, it was before the onslaught of needles. We were catching up. Tara from histology brought some slides into his office. There was a red stamp on top of a requisition about a centimeter high in bold. It said breast care. I looked at Staggs incredulously. Do you mean breast case? I asked Tara, and she said yes as she receded down the hall. 

    WTH? I asked Staggs. Dunno, he said, I've never seen that before. I wondered aloud if it meant for us to do a self exam. Not that you really need to, I told him, but guys can get breast cancer too. Later I told the story to Melody, and she said that Tina had ordered a stamp last week from the business office announcing breast cases (these are time sensitive to some of our clinicians) and they had f'ed it up. LOL. 

    A day later I was getting cases announcing breast case (in capital red bold letters), so I guess they finally got it right. Yesterday Tina got a white sac package from the business office. "I'm scared of this," she said. I wandered into transcription. "Why? Open it." 

    It was another stamp that announced breast cases. But we've already got it right, she beleaguered. Why are they sending us another one? I guess I could stamp it on my breasts, she said, might be kinda sexy. I told her that breast care stamped across the chest would be even more sexy. Less clinical, I was thinking, and more of an invitation. She laughed. I headed to CT. Keep up. Happy Thursday. Much love, E.

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