Thursday, July 15, 2021

Angel Wings

    It's weird being in another state vacationing while your home state is making national headlines because of a new delta variant wave. Sunday I texted Annie because her hospital system, Missouri Cox, was on the cover of the New York Times and today I read quotes by Jennifer Dilaha, of Arkansas Department of Health and recent physician Covid inservice fame, in The Guardian. NBC even did a piece on us, according to the Arkansas Times. And we have been banned from Chicago, along with Missouri, unless we produce a negative Covid test 72 hours before arrival or something like that. Eye roll. I've been second guessing my decision not to bring my vaccination card to prove I'm vaccinated even though they aren't yet required for travel. But I take solace knowing I could tell Melody where it is in my office - she could take a picture and text it to me if necessary. I asked her to send out the Baptist numbers again - it's been awhile - since we are a new hotspot. Systemwide there are 163 inpatients with 47 in the ICU. That's a lot.
    Other than hiking and shopping and reading and eating fabulous food not much going on here. We had a spa day yesterday and my masseuse was fascinating - I watched her walk in with her cowboy boots and cutoffs and half shaved head covered with tattoos and thought I hope that badass is the Sara that is supposed to give me a 105 minute treatment after my hour scrub/hydration with Krista. I got lucky. She had changed into appropriate professional scrubs but I complimented her on her previous outfit to get us off on the right foot. Sometimes I'm chatty, sometimes I'm silent. We did not stop talking the entire time.
    Turns out Sara, despite being in her early 30's, has traveled the world. She entertained me with stories of Cambodia, Australia, Germany, Egypt, and the Philippines, the latter of which is one of her favorite places to go - friendly people, amazing cheap food. She often works in hostels or volunteers for non-profits in order to pay for her room and board. She told me the best place to stay in Egypt that is right across from the pyramids - it is a family owned hotel for generations and she got to meet the patriarch before he passed. You can sit on the roof and watch the sunset, she told me. It is incredible. Of course I forgot the name, sphinx was a part of it, but we became Instagram friends after the session (I entertained her with some Dr. stories too) so when I plan a trip to Egypt I can message her. She told me most of her IMs are travel questions but she doesn't mind. I told her I get a lot of medical questions but I don't mind either - it's fun to share your area of expertise. 
    She plans to move to Costa Rica soon but has never been there - I told her I've been three times and we bonded politically over how much better women led countries are run -Jacinda Ardern! Etc, etc, - New Zealand is one place she's never been to but has heard a lot about Kiwis. I told her about Judy Melenik and how I'm waiting for Dawn to migrate us over to wordpress to write that article. We preached to our own choirs about the shifting climate from patriarchy to matriarchy, and how it's a frustrating but amazing time to be alive. 
    I also met a guy named Jack in the fossil shop in Lionshead - it is one of the most amazing fossil shops I've ever been to I've already been twice. I had a few half off smaller items shipped - I found these stunning blue quartz candle holders that were listed for almost $300 apiece in Vail Village on Sunday (ack too much) and they were half off in Lionshead Village at $70. I prided myself in getting out of there without a huge purchase - my last big one was in Aspen buying matching trilobite fossils about six years ago. Then I saw the quartz angel wings. Jack appropriately ascertained my emotional pull and described the artist and looked at the ticket and offered me 2K off of the list price. He said they had already sold out in Utah. I talked it over with S and his advice was to sleep on it - good advice for big purchases.
    I told Jack I'd be there until Saturday but he said he was leaving Thursday for the Ukraine to meet a friend - they are planning to hike the Carpathian Mountains. I told him quartz was big where I was from in Arkansas and he said come look at this piece from Arkansas. It was surrounded by Columbian quartz but it was twice as beautiful because it was spotted with gold. He also showed me an amazing museum quality dinosaur skeleton embedded in stone worth over a million dollars. When I went back today to seal the deal (turns out I dreamt about the angel wings - Sara agreed there are things that pull you and it is meant to be) I made sure Jack would get the commission since I spent yesterday at the hotel. The worker, surprised that I knew Jack was going to the Ukraine, assured me he would, and verified the price he gave me with her boss on the phone. 
    Dinner tonight is at Montauk in Lionshead the menu looks amazing - hoping it's as good as the Veal Chophouse the other night. Lionshead is a little more charming than Vail Village; I'm sure there are a lot of good restaurants there but it's closer and has plenty. We arranged a float trip for tomorrow - nothing too scary since I have been ignoring (like a doctor, I joked with Sara) a pulled muscle in my right deltoid for two weeks (paddle boarding incident) and it has not gotten better. It's either a badly pulled muscle or a hairline fracture of the humerus, mid-shaft. The orthopedic clinic in Vail, world renowned, was booked this week so I'll got to OrthoArkansas to get it x-rayed next week. I almost started crying in yoga last week and it wakes me up at night. Advil and Ace wrapping aren't helping. I'll take this though over the vastly improving GI issues that plagued me over the last year any day. I'm finally feeling normal again. Practically cough drop free, unless I want one. No longer dependent. Wine is good again. Happy Friday Eve, much love, Elizabeth

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