Sunday, June 13, 2021

Winding Down

     Luckily I have no call for four or five weeks. I can't stop watching Nightbirde on America's Got Talent. It's kind of ridiculous. She's like an angel. The cats are afoot. We rehomed the piano to a woman in Maumelle who teaches underprivileged kids. Rex and my parents approved. Rex said I don't like the idea of kids learning on a junky piano. I shared pics of mine he said it's worth 2-3K and it's one of his top five fave brands, a Kawai.

    My friend Deidre is stopping doing hair. This is significant - she's done my hair for over 18 years. She and Jerry are starting a top secret business - she relayed the difficulty of getting federal loans when I saw her on Thursday. I broke down a little bit in the middle of the session recalling the past - her opening her salon, etc. But I'm happy for her - she needs a new chapter. The freak storms that occurred caused me to get an Uber home - I don't like driving in that shit - and I met a new friend, a retired nurse. She recommended Zofran, for my dry heaving, which seems to be working so far. 9 months of hell and multiple doctors consulted and a freaking Uber driver saves the day. 

    Single mom Sunday school is starting up again and I recently learned one of ours, Carmen, had breast cancer and was fighting mets she died a couple of nights ago. Kind of fell apart at lunch the other day. She has an 11 year old and a 14 year old we are all, as a group, going to figure out how to do something to support them. The Sunday school group is coming over tomorrow for brunch I invited kids can't wait to see them swimming in the pool. It's a potluck. I shopped at Fresh Market yesterday got lots of Prosecco and Rose and cake and sparkling water and orange juice and lemonade and croissants and fresh fruit can't wait to entertain. Happy Sunday. Much love, Elizabeth

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