Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Volcanic Eruptions

     It was a Tuesday on a Monday yesterday, and those are honestly worse because everyone is trying to cram a 5 day week into a 4 day one and not sure what the deal is lately but we've had record block counts for the last two weeks we are all frazzled. Hopefully everyone will go on vacay and it will all calm down. SO. MANY. PLACENTAS. Forget the beginning of Covid 3 months in was when everyone started going stir crazy it is evident by the overflowing pile of placentas on the placenta cart.

    I felt like a bi-mouthed volcano yesterday last week I started erupting at work and I'm really hoping yesterday was the peak because I lost count at a dozen. Luckily everything hit an appropriate receptacle and I was able to do all my work. Last week my head secretary brought me water in alarm until I assured her yes, it sucks, I'm shaking, but it's been happening for almost a year. You want to keep stuff at home private though, so the work family leak has been a little distressing. Yesterday I had to get Melody to cover a frozen because I was actively emitting into my trash can. It is what it is, but it's exhausting. 

    Today, though, what a relief! I went into Melody's office and told her I'd only dry heaved twice and she laughed. Sad that you have such a low bar for happiness, but I'm happy for you. We shared a lot of consults throughout the day and problem solved some disorienting issues with Whipple's. At one point I was reading a gross on a BKA - I've had a lot of them lately - and LOL'd. I remember back when I started that I was surprised at the amount of detail our PA's put into the gross on BKA's. When I was a resident four to five sentences sufficed - they do like three paragraphs. 

    I wandered into Melody's office to share. I said have you ever noticed how overboard the BKA grosses are? I never studied a gangrenous leg that closely in residency. She said yes they are particularly in tune to the vessels and they know all their names and like to describe where they are we never did that. I had to call Jessica earlier to fix a typo in the gross because I couldn't possibly tell what subcapture conference might mean it was calf circumference. There were also all these measurements and descriptures of lesions ranging from red pink to red brown to sloughing off grey green with exactly where they all were! Also thick and distorted nails and crusty tan white lesions it's like they were conjuring the actual leg onto my desktop and it was hilariously unsettling. I guess if God forbid my leg is ever BKA'd I'd enjoy reading them wax eloquently about it. Wonder who trained them to do that.

    The Zoom meeting Friday with KC and Terry was great I finally used my camera for the first time. I learned that the reason I hated how I looked and pretended my camera didn't work for the last year is that I was sitting way too close I looked like I was looking down on my iPhone and accidentally opened the camera in reverse. I studied them and learned how you really need to sit back and create a tableau. For next time. We got Dawn involved and she's tech savvy - wants to migrate us over to wordpress and Liz crafted a shout out for new authors when that happens. Exciting stuff. I want my interview with Judy to be the next blog - I've embarrassingly dropped that ball with all the Spring craziness but promised Jill and Judy it was the next thing on my horizon. Happy Wednesday. Much love, Elizabeth

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