Tuesday, June 15, 2021

In Extremis

     Ugh. I am so mad about white patriarchal construct and belief system right now I could puke. Wait, I already did. Yesterday and today. Zofran helping, but I'm still yakking my guts up. But that's depressing. 

    I was looking at a teen's stomach and omentum today and these kids are getting gastric bypasses earlier and earlier but I wondered why the omentum too? I feel like every case deserves a delve into the charts. Turns out he came in last night with a gunshot to the gastric flank. One of our general surgeons - he's really good - worked like hell to save him. The chart came in saying he was "in extremis" - a medical term that was new for me I had to google it. On the verge of death, apparently. Luckily he came through the surgery fine and is doing OK so far. We don't get those very often, but Christy said there was a rash of crime the other night after an anti crime rally in LR; two stabbings and two shootings. 

    Got plane tickets today to go visit mom and dad with the kids and their friends I'm super excited but they cost an arm and a leg. With my track record lately for needing Uber for prevention of panic attacks it was a necessary cost. We leave the 26 and get back July 3rd. So in need of a vacay. S and I are going to Vail for a conference two weeks later we are staying at the Grand Hyatt. It looks incredible. I was hoping after a healthy weekend to start to hike and kayak but it's a little iffy after the last two days. Hopefully it won't be like Chicago where I slept most of the trip in the hotel but if so, it is what it is.

    I'm not sure who Stuart Heritage is but he cracked me up so hard over lunch with his article in the Guardian called The Celebrity Dating Game; haven't we suffered enough already - it made me want to google him and read other stuff. I was laughing so hard my eyes welled up. That's what we need more, to get through the day. Laughter and song. So addicted to Nightbirde's performance on AGT. She's like an angel. Way more wisdom than any of her audience. 

    Another funeral on Thursday morning for Sunday school member Carmen. She's another beautiful soul. We had a good gathering on Sunday to start to heal and plan to do something for her kids. Two cancer funerals in a month - this is a little ridiculous. My chief said we are getting of the age, but I disagree. We are not of the age. Cancer is getting us at a younger age. 

    Shaking righteous anger when I was on call last - I was not shy - is finally leading to process change that is making our group more efficient. The head of cytology is crediting me I told her it wasn't intentional it was natural and a long time coming. Everyone is happier so far I'm cautiously optimistic. We were marveling at the results this afternoon and she wants to have more events outside of work, like the girl's night outs I have had, to make us even more familial. Excited on that front. Happy Tuesday. Much love, Elizabeth

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