Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Monthly QA

     We've been plugging in a little more lately to improve morning efficiency - it is so inconsistent - I was proud of the progress and communication we had today in the histology, gross room, and cytology department Q/A meeting. I got so burned waiting two hours on slides Saturday for a still unknown reason I was glad Shaver was there to chair the meeting he was stern but amazingly diplomatic. My anger was seething when I walked into the room but breathing and letting him run the show this time helped. I was called off before it was over to bronch lab and then a thyroid but before that happened I learned something so ridiculous it's incredulous.

    Baptist is slow to upgrade our computers and so we were really happy when IT came yesterday to install a new one, which was sorely needed, in the gross room and for our head transcriptionist. We've had requests in for months. This morning, when they tried to get on, they couldn't get anything to work. So apparently in trying to problem solve we were told that they weren't installing Microsoft Office onto any new computers it was too expensive. This is the biggest WTF. Our reporting system, CoPath, that goes into Epic depends on Word and so does MediaLab, which we use to store all our procedures electronically. The last CAP inspection our transcription and lab directors spent countless hours - Misty was burning the midnight oil for months before the one last week in Conway - getting over 900 procedures converted from paper. That's like a slap in the face, I said. And what is the point of installing a computer that doesn't work in the system? That is an ironic attempt to save money that just spends it. Rick said yeah sounds like just a fancy typewriter. We have to work with IT to resolve this. 

    Jessica said she figured out how to convert the procedures to Google Docs - they want everything on Google now, but it is cumbersome and will take time. It's not intuitive. Oh don't get me started on that I said I've had invitations to edit so many documents that are really not necessary for me to see junking up my inbox. And they've also converted all the micro lab errors formerly paper and simple to read and sign to Google docs. I get sometimes 8 or 10 of those a week. I've had to be taught the method to sign twice. I used to just read and sign and now I have to push response, then push some eye icon, then push next 8-10 times, then go back to response, then sign it's driving me batshit crazy.

    Cecelia is graduating tomorrow at 1:00 WTF Central? It's at War Memorial so I suppose we will roast. It's supposedly shortened to an hour or so I plan to Uber so I don't have to worry about parking. There are only 4 tickets per kid. I heard Episcopal got 10 and was on a respectable weekend not a work day. Each graduate gets a bottle of water with their ticket - they'll need it with those black gowns on in the sun. She has pre-recorded her president speech I'm excited to see it. Celebration dinner with her bf's family is at Sonny Williams. 

    On the plus side I got a lot of compliments on my dress today and noticed a few wandering eyes. My fave compliment was from Lucy - I went in the prep room to say hello and talk about the full moon and the lunar eclipse on Wednesday - of course she knew more about it than me but she was impressed with my attempt to understand it. I feel like her tutee. She said I meant to say earlier how much I love your dress it's perfect for your cleavage. As she was saying it she traced her own neckline and then charmingly made her hand into an OK sign and kissed her connected thumb and forefinger through her mask, signaling her approval. I said yeah, looking down in this dress is all I really have to do to turn my own self on LOL. Her turkey sandwich wrapped in Romaine was amazing. I swear she gave me more than just a half. Happy Tuesday, Much love, Elizabeth


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