Monday, May 17, 2021

Mondays are Here to Stay

     Ugh Call Monday had me hit the ground running with reviewing and signing my name to procedures in Media Lab and paper copies over 100 times. And that's nothing to compare to the last month. Taking over an entire lab directorship is a daunting endeavor. I had two Zoom meetings for micro today - big dread - I hate Zoom even with my camera off worse than standing up and presenting in front of a semi crowd (tumor boards have maybe 30 at the most). One of them I had to chair. It went fine.

    Lab inspection at Conway is tomorrow and Wednesday don't get me started on CAP I have been fit to be tied. So much anger leaking out of me maybe even disproportionate to the situations but I guess it's about fing time. Jack texted me today - he wanted to spend time together doing a cooking project tonight we just completed. He wanted to make Oreo truffles and lemon bars for all of his teachers he did the recipe research and Cecelia offered to do the shopping for the week today (did I wake up in an alternate reality? I felt so blessed and relieved). Jack made peppermint bark for all his teachers a couple of years ago cooking is truly his love language. Not mine (except for meatballs) but I was super excited to spend time with him it more than made up for the nine frozens and Conway lab stress and I was proud of myself for holding in some anger I almost vented inappropriately - I saved it for a safe space. There was family emergency stuff going on too - the icing on the cake. Everyone is ok, but jeez. 

    Chicago was a blast although I'm struggling with my energy level on vacation lately I slept over 13 hours a night and napped in the afternoon (even in the airport?!! On a bench?!! With Christy watching over my stuff, of course, But WTH?). I feel like a bear struggling to awaken from hibernation. But definitely traveling with her again we had such fun. She has a handle on things that aren't in my skill set like the fact that the first floor at Tiffany's is the super expensive one the second one is more accessible to shopping even though still pricey. Sure enough Michigan Mile mimicked 5th Avenue in New York I bought gifts for everyone in my immediate family but me. 

    I cannot emphasize how funny Christy is and how much I belly laughed which was sorely needed. We had a room at the EMC2 on the 18th floor and as we were ooing and aahing she saw a rooftop bar across the view. She was like "Oh! That looks amazing!" I looked over and cased the roof and looking down the building to the street (this took effort) - there were plants and lights but the fencing was less than adequate. I said maybe maybe not? She said, yeah, I agree. My vestibular system is wildly activated even though I'm motionless. Mike and Effie were amazing dinner hosts and their place is adorable I've been bragging to my family can't wait for more jaunts to what my friend Ahmad Brown, who has relocated to a suburb in Vegas and recently shared the property he and his wife are building on, called "Our Paris." Much quicker travel experience than Boston (if you ignore the 7 hour delay yesterday ugh again). Happy Monday! Much love, Elizabeth

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