Monday, May 3, 2021

I Cannot Think of Another Bad Monday Blog Title

     I have been up since 2:30 am. Which is ok, because I got a ton of sleep over the weekend - my ex says post anesthesia does that I was all murky on Saturday. My suitcase was overly ambitious - four books and lots of fancy going out dresses and hiking clothes I wore one t-shirt dress all weekend and a t-shirt and yoga pants on the way home, never leaving the cottage. But that's ok, your body knows what you need better than your head does most of the time. 

    Deidre made me keep the hair appointment - she's going full throttle since a lot of people are vaccinated and told me if I canceled on her it was no big deal, she couldn't get me in again until June. I was still a little under the influence of anesthesia and I do not regret this decision at all but when she told me she shut down her mask business I bought all dozen or so that were left. I didn't remember until today - cheered up Cecelia from a bad day with some retail therapy. I told her she could give the masks as grad presents she wants to keep them for herself. That's my girl. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

    Speaking of bad days my stomach pain and dry heaving which normally ramp up in the afternoon hit me first thing this morning at work. I stuffed it, because it was a busy Monday and I learned I was on call and not only that I'm on call three weeks this month. That sometimes happens bc we take so much vacation but it was a really depressing realization when I was highlighting my schedule before huddle. I've got so much going on this month - Conway inspection and call and all that entails I felt grateful for my weekend of leisure. And Christy and I are headed to Chicago in a couple of weeks on a four day weekend that will be fun. But I texted her this morning - she had texted me the Lucie's place volunteer schedule for May on Saturday - that she had better count me out until June.

    Finally around 12:15 after I attempted to eat some fruit I locked the door to my office and lied supine on a blanket and pillow and it took 45 minutes for my stomach pain, which left me writhing at some points to clear. I was so relieved I celebrated with a coffee - I needed it to finish afternoon work. Last two nights around five have been pretty intense on the emesis scene Jack heard and I'm glad I had a gold star on my insides from the GI doc so he didn't worry too much. Rib muscles are so painful to pull. I'll get through it though, I'm tough. Happy Monday is almost fing over. Much love, Elizabeth

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