Monday, May 10, 2021

Frozen Fest

     This day. Can we ban Mondays?

    It started off rather quiet but after a weekend of respite from my GI sx they returned with a vengeance mid morning. I was super depressed, but persisted. Sims had A-M frozens that started right before noon but Melody needed help so I abandoned my soup to chip in. Meanwhile, Jack texted me about a sensitive subject so I plugged in. Cancer sucks. 

    Then I needed Melody's help - she spent most of the afternoon supporting me. How do you try to get margins around patchy carcinoma in situ in a 30 year old getting a glossectomy? It's tough. Then there was another 30 year old, luckily B9, but something that normally is the work of an ENT took a turn for the unusual - a chest surgeon was searching for parathyroid in the mediastinum!! And sometimes it's hard to tell lymphoid tissue from parathyroid this was no exception. Got three consults on a frozen for the first time in years, and we couldn't be definitive.

    Women are amazing. It really does take a village. Texted and talked to stepmom on how to non-invasively support a long time school family. But we fall short, because we cannot cure the scourge. It angers and saddens me. Happy no longer almost Monday. Much love, Gizabeth.

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