Sunday, May 23, 2021

Doc Book Club

     I really can't call it Doc Mom Book Club anymore because Natalya isn't a mother - she came again - and there was a new girl named Sirinya who is not yet a mother in her words. It was at Jauss' house last night (love how that rhymes). She's in one of those three Tudors in the middle of Kavanaugh between the Heights and Hillcrest. The middle one, to be precise - she and her stay at home Ph.D. husband gutted it and renovated it years ago it looks like it should be a featured home in Architectural Digest. My husband and I looked at the house to the right not long before we made an offer on our current house and it needed way too much attention. I do not have the stamina for renovation. Jauss told me someone bought it and is giving it the attention it needs good for them.

    Sirinya - I just googled her to get the spelling of her beautiful name right - is a breast surgeon at St. Vincent's. Her husband is Rad Onc at CARTI - that's how Jauss met her. They are from Memphis and Nashville; I was gushing about how I grew up going to Memphis bc that's where my dad is from. I told her he held state records in the butterfly - all of their family were swimmers. With a dad in sales and a stay at home mom they all needed to excel for scholarships and they did. To Iowa - one of the top ten schools for swim scholarship. I asked her if she knew Becky, of course I knew she did.

    She said she talks to Becky almost daily - I told her we were at Hendrix together, she won the President's Medal, and she trained for breast with David Page at Vanderbilt who is an international breast guru. I asked her if she knew Perkins and she said he is so nice. I love Perkins, I trained with him, he is one of my favorite people on the planet. Sirinya is stunning, I google imaged her and her static appearance is just as striking but doesn't do her justice. It was so lovely to meet her.

    I was happy that everyone hated the book about as much as me. Sometimes politics dominates the bestsellers and they just aren't that great. My husband and I were lamenting about that this morning. The only redeeming quality was the excessive amount of sex when the couple was getting along. But if I want good porn I'll turn to Anais Nin. Which I was ironically introduced to by a gift from my ex-husbands mother after our divorce. Little Birds. She was a reader like me. I miss her, our brunches, she was so surprising and such a good conversationalist. 

But the food, OMG, Jauss' husband is a gourmand. We had split pea soup served in little shot glasses with artful creme fraiche on a mirrored tray and there was a lot of gluten dishes I couldn't eat but the orzo one looked incredible. We all brought stuff too - Shannon's shrimp dip was incredible. I admired the homemade desserts and longed for the day I can tolerate gluten again. Kewen served homemade bubble tea for dessert I didn't know it could be kind of like a milkshake it was so yummy. I'm so sad Pose is over cried and cried. Onto Sackler documentary. Happy Sunday. Book/pool time. Much love, Elizabeth

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