Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Ascension Day

     Is tomorrow. It's also the day Jupiter enters Pisces. I'm understanding more and more of this the more I read. It's illuminating.

    Tim is amazing. We talked and talked about Conway - he didn't know I went to Hendrix and spent years covering Conway Regional and knew all the docs there. I told him I had an issue with CoPath and InSync not working he assured me he would try to resolve. His nephew is graduating from med school today and entering the path residency at UAMS. I told him we have some outsiders, and they are wonderful, but we like home grown too - the combo keeps us on our toes. Told him I've perfected a two hour tour and lunch and gave him my cell to share.

    I also told him in a text I sent tonight - dictation and reporting are on the blink and it's a problem - that despite my love for Big Baptist LR it is a machine and I would love to have first dibs on Conway Baptist if we can ever justify an FTE. Something about small hospitals feel more like a family to me. 

    Lots of craziness and angst around here but looking forward to heading to Chicago in the am for a girl's weekend. Trying to pack. Looks like good weather. Hope you have an amazing weekend. Much love, Elizabeth


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