Monday, April 26, 2021

Ugh It's a Monday

     For some reason cases came out early last week - most of our stuff trickling out at 9 and 10, biopsies in the box when I arrived. It felt heavenly. Today, not so much. I was glad I had a dentist appointment  because we STILL did not have cases when I got back I strode alarmingly into Melody's office and accused her presence of being the problem (she was off last week). We commiserated.

    I hadn't been to the dentist since the pandemic, well once but I left bc I was having a terrible day and I was panicking about it. Seems like having a cough drop in your mouth and having to clean your teeth are not compatible. Well, I proved otherwise. During the beginning X-ray part I dry heaved so bad I almost threw up and told her I've never had this problem before but I worried about it I cannot go on. The patient angel talked me through it and Christi told me I need a crown. But she wants to wait a month after my EGD and colonoscopy to get those results. And if they are negative she will refer me to a doc that does oral care, which sounds good bc I told her this is an oral issue, I don't get nauseated, I just feel like my mucosa is caked in clay. No blankets in a pandemic. So I froze and listened to the 1980's top 40 hit music they always play and vowed to bring a coat the next time. In July.

    I read about the Oscar winners and watched Colette over lunch it didn't make me cry but it was very moving. I was glad, because the cases started raining down upon me and Melody's sister Rhonda, an oncologist, texted with a molecular issue that took me over an hour to bird dog. Do you ever get up in arms and grab the secretaries to help you try to right a wrong and it turns out part of the wrong can be traced back to YOU?!! Lol. Melody and I learned a lot about ckit mutations (it's done differently since we trained) and I talked to a GenPath rep in Hackensack NJ - told him that part of the mistake was ours and please make sure to not charge the patient for the extra test.

    Luckily I had tons of benign breast. More B9 breast in one day then I think I've ever had. No residual tumor in a re-excision of a core. Marked acute inflammation, consistent with abscess. Marked lymphohistiocytic inflammation with surrounding fibrosis. Fibroadenoma. Dilated ducts with periductal fibrosis and chronic inflammation. The list goes on. Those patients are going to be so happy with the results of their formerly owned tissue and it made for an easy afternoon I saved two breast cancers for the morning.

    When I went to my follow up toe appointment a few weeks ago I worried, it is still super swollen. I hadn't called but he reassured me that I was healing properly and everything was normal. It's just the baby toes, he said, they take the longest to heal, sometimes three months. The stay swollen up like little pink/purple sausages. LOL that's exactly what mine still looks like. He said don't worry it will heal and look just like the other one. Whew.

    Even though it's a Monday it's my Thursday I'm not looking forward to procedures but Christy will make it fun. She's already taking care of me she worried about the 1:00 hair appointment I made after the procedure on Thursday. So much so that I left a message for Deidre that she could try to fill it but if not, and I flaked, I would pay for it anyway. Christy said it's illegal to drive I said I was planning to Uber and I've got crazy roots but it's nothing I cannot live with. Half the people I talk to go out to lunch and half the people sleep 10 hours that's a gamble for a hair appointment I don't want my friend to have to take. Happy Monday. Much love, Elizabeth

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