Saturday, April 10, 2021

Not Call Weekend

     I want to write but there's nothing much to say? I've already gotten enough sleep for a whole night but hoping to get more in a few. 

    Mallory, a new hire in the pharmacy, is adorable. She has glasses and dresses cute kinda librarian/pharmacy assistant with a millennial flair. She blends in, but stands out. She's pretty quiet and I don't need drugs much but Jack and Cecelia and myself had some things filled this week so I found myself talking to her more than usual. Turns out her birthday is Monday she turns 21. She said can you believe I turn 21 in a pandemic. I was like yeah that sucks no bar hopping I guess? She told me that she and her friends were planning a picnic after work. I said so you are an Aries girl? I've read a lot about Aries guys my ex was one but not much about Aries girls what's that like? She laughed and said we are really chaotic. Funny, bc she looks like the picture of calm in a storm. I laughed and said that sounds like my ex, told her we get along a lot better now that we aren't married. I think I'm going to buy her a festive drink for her picnic this weekend - maybe a bottle of champagne or Prosecco. 

    Something else happened since prom is canceled one of the mom's at Central is planning a masked event for those comfortable attending April 24. It's at Windsong in Maumelle - my partner Michelle and her husband Darius said it's a nice venue. So C wants 23 of her friends, she sent me the invite list, to come to our backyard for pics and dinner from 6-7:30 before it starts. We discussed catering something easy like Chic Fil A or Taziki's - I told her pizza might be dangerous to fancy dresses. I know parents will want to be there, so I started a group text with 8 moms I knew and told them the low key plan and told them to invite other parents I didn't know. Said it will be a masked event - I've held small gatherings with vaccinated people indoors since CDC approved and lots of people are vaccinated but this could be upwards of 50-60 people. 

    But eating and drinking are maskless activities and so I told them I'd have seating available for small groups so people could gather at their comfort level. Hosting during a pandemic is so challenging. I told the mom's I'd have some appetizers and wine but if each of them brought something to drink and an appetizer that should cover the adults with little cost and effort. Then I started freaking out and calling Kricia yesterday while signing out cytology bc that's a lot of people and do I have enough seating and chairs? I told her I want to use the dog run to serve, especially since we have no dogs or dog shit there, and she thought that was a great idea. She said PartyTimeRentals is cheap right across from Sauced go there and get two long tables and maybe get a couple of simple floral arrangements bc your view is the main attraction you don't need much else. I like the idea of leaving the pool area clear for photos. And Cecelia agreed an hour and a half is perfect - the shorter the better - less likely for kids (ack adults) to smuggle alcohol.

    C asked me for one thing for her bday - a mom and daughter shopping trip. She was texting me at work last week pics of new spring floral prints from Lulu. She works at All Aboard all day tomorrow, but she is off Sunday so we plan to do at least Lulu and Belle and Blush they texted me a coupon Friday I can't wait to use. So happy for a beautiful weekend off, hope to get some sun in tomorrow afternoon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Much love, Elizabeth

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