Monday, April 19, 2021

Lab Week Drama

     We've had some run ins with a certain Baptist faction that have been, to be polite, contentious. Back when the vaccine came out I went to the secretary, per instructions in huddle, to tell her I wanted it and she informed me that I was PLA, not Baptist, and we couldn't get it. I was incredulous and flabbergasted and replied, "Well I'm active medical staff, and all active medical staff get the vaccine." She had no retort to that, but continued to deny it to our 50 employees. I problem solved with those who were upset - they didn't really ask for anything just a badge - why don't we scope out the situation and go down when they aren't there. But it still grated and 4 days later 4 of us pathologists received a text from a PA in the NLR gross room - they all had the vaccine no problem - that we need to advocate for our employees in LR. Our chief texted admin and they were like what is the problem of course you all can get the vaccine. 

    Fast forward to last Thursday. This is Lab Week. I know, kind of nerdy, but a huge deal in the pathology world you should see some of the cookies my friends in PMG are baking that's not me but it's impressive. I was showing my PA's last week lots of oohs and aahs. Drug companies bring breakfast and lunch and even though it isn't as festive as it has been in the past (I'm talking talent shows with med techs and dessert competitions us pathologists judged) it's still a big deal and a week of happiness and camaraderie. We were told by the secretary that tried to deny us the vaccine that we weren't invited to lab week this year we could only come to the Thursday lunch that we traditionally provide since the beginning of PLA time. 

    This is so mean girl to a next level I could not even. We were all in disbelief. I traditionally haven't wandered into Classroom 4 to get Whole Hog for lunch - that would wreck my entire afternoon - but it's the principle and a lot of our employees love it. I was so mad at huddle on Friday I told everyone in micro if you don't see PLA at lab week it's because we were uninvited yesterday. Amy was incredulous and said Biomerieux was being a lot more stringent about numbers in the pandemic and tried to exclude the rest of the lab but she said no. Well I guess we are the red-headed stepchildren because no one stood up for us.

    So we planned our own lab week and I think it's even better than theirs. And it's kind of fun being snarky about their balloon decorations that were everywhere except for in our departments they looked pretty sad by the end of the day - helium leaks - and it's only Monday. This morning the secretaries planned breakfast and we had Cinnabon and Morningstar Bagels and fresh fruit and lots of Boulevard pastries (thanks Kimberly:) there was so much we can do it again tomorrow and I ordered a Mickey's cake Sunday to pick up tomorrow that says Happy Lab Week PLA. I can't wait to see it. There's also a pizza day and bring your own dip day we will remember this week, I told Tina my head transcriptionist, until the end of time. And I've planned a surprise involving plush organs I discovered in an MD FB group last week. 

    Other exciting news KC of MiM emailed me Sunday and wants to revamp the blog. Someone told her it was their only female connection in a male driven residency and saved their life. So I'm excited told her I'm writing again she's planning a motherboard with quarterly meetings and invited me to be on it!!!! I told her I thought that was a good idea bc blogs used to be self driven before the advent of social media but now we should have more admin direction to solve problems and issues. 

    Good movies - Lars and the Real Girl, and Palmer. And I read about Sasquatch on the Guardian today it launches on Hulu tomorrow looks amazing. Happy Monday, much love, Elizabeth

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