Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Astrology Chart

     I was hunting for my birth certificate a few years back because I have always wanted this done and couldn't find it. Deidre's friend does these; it's not in Lisa's wheelhouse. You need your time of birth and while your date is easily accessible (for most) this is hard to access without the permanent record. I called my dad and he no longer had my birth certificate on file so I gave up. Fast forward to needing passport to go to Costa Rica and I dug it out of a box under the stairs I've probably been lugging around for over 20 years after two hours of looking. Made sure to file it in my locked cabinet at work with the kid's. 

    So when I learned that Kimberly's replacement at Boulevard (since I poached her everyone loves her as much as I do and she's been a wonderful add to our work family) did astrology charts I was ecstatic. Wrote down that I was born at 9:53 am on August 20, 1973 and planned to get her to do one for me. Her name is Lucy, and as she was getting trained and up to speed I learned that she won even Brian over with her projections. Shelby was raving and Sean said she was very good. I asked her to do mine and asked her how much she charged. She said she never thought of charging, maybe 10 or 15 bucks?

    LOL that's crazy even Lisa charges a lot more than that and she's half of Yousef. I gave her a 20 Friday afternoon  and told her I'm in no rush, I have studied the cycles at BV for years I knew she had to break down for the week and transport still viable baked goods and food to the locations that were open on the weekends. She said give me your cell and I watched her write it in permanent black marker on the inside of her arm. 

    This made me think of two things. First, Eddie Vedder's MTV unplugged performance where he wrote pro choice or something like that on the inside of his arm atop a barstool and then fell over (I watched that so many times it's ridiculous). I'll bet Lucy's way too young to remember that but some of you out there might. Second, of a local doc who committed suicide a few years back - my chair knew about the note that became incoherent as the stuff kicked in and how he wrote NO AUTOPSY on his arm. Well, guess what. You don't get to decide that when you are gone. Rules are rules.

    So Lucy told me today that she would do my chart on her day off tomorrow and we could meet about it Saturday. She asked if I was familiar with Zoom. It took all my strength not to laugh out loud I just said Zoom, yes I know Zoom, that's fine. I mean who doesn't know Zoom??? She would probably laugh with me but I don't know her well enough yet to know that so I erred on the side of caution. In the meantime I texted Deidre and asked her how much her friend charged for charting so I could get a feel for what it costs and let Lucy know - she seemed incredulous at the idea of charging. I may actually be her first paying customer.

    Nice to have the kids back over here Jack did virtual yesterday and even though I had a gagillion needles it was fun to have him around talking about parallelograms and Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns (of course you've read it Mother, no spoiler alerts please). He talks as fast as I dictate so when he was plotting to use me as an excuse not to go to a basketball game things got screwy. He said I'm going to tell my friends you can't drive me because you've got dinner plans but mask so I thought he said implants and we both got a good laugh about that. I told him he could use me as an excuse anytime but make sure that his excuse is escape proof bc any friend could say I or mom or dad could be happy to pick you up and then you are in another pickle. He laughs at my old timey expressions. 

    And OMG he's a fantastic shopper we tackled Kroger yesterday together and got it all done in a half hour it was amazing - this kid who has so much crap on his floor you can't see it and doesn't know how to find the dishwasher thank god there's hope. Planning a double batch of meatballs tomorrow. He's so excited. 

    On the way out today Tony cytotech brought me a case full of fungus. My friend Jason Holder did the bronch lavage yesterday. They were worried about an atypical infection bc it was multiple cavitary lung lesions in a 78 yo on Methotrexate (immunosuppressant). I noticed her crypto ag was pos and her crypto titers were high mycology was gone for the day but I showed it to Hal and he agreed we need to order a mucicarmine for tomorrow. Cryptococcus has this encapsulated mucoid shell and a mucin stain will light up the polysaccharide cell wall. I called Jason and he was working with the infectious disease doc they are on the side of belief and are doing a CSF tomorrow the stain there is India Ink they do that in the mycology lab. I'll touch base with Tommy in mycology first thing in the morning to brief him and give him a heads up. This is kinda rare. If the pics are good, I'll share. LOL cringe. Happy Tuesday. Hope you are having a good week. Much love, Elizabeth

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