Wednesday, April 28, 2021


     This has all been a bit so. For someone suffering from GI issues for over a year this day of no eating was actually a break. It's been kind of nice not being a walking wind instrument (Jack hated that analogy, but hey, he's 15 and I'm his mom). Christy had last minute dental plans and I missed hanging out with her but she will be here early in the morning and I had a nice long nap this afternoon.

    Been thinking a lot about patriarchy and attitudes toward women. Trying to support my friends this week and it angers me that their pain is ignored and blown off and their angst is written off as crazy. I've spent hours on the phone this week diffusing this bullshit, which isn't going away anytime soon. I guess I can be a little thankful that as a part of the medical process I can recognize the crazy and help friends who aren't in the inside loop. It still irks me.

    And WTF is up with cis white men and their bad decision making processes that they then take out on everyone around them. This is generic shit I know, but I cannot get into details online publicly. I railed however this morning to my financial advisor, who assured me that everything I told him was in complete confidence. He had some good advice. 

    My husband was wondering what was worse a colonoscopy prep or a work day I can confidently say for me it's a work day colon prep is no big deal I didn't need anything recommended but it was nice to have on hand if necessary. And I like work, but it's nice to have a break too. I told my finance guy today I want to work well into my 70's but part time would be nice if it's an option. With C's finance package for college (She chose Fayetteville SOOO pumped) she will have over 90% of med school paid for hell that's way more than me I took out loans I was proud to pay off 10 years into private practice. 

    My partner's wife told me once at a Christmas party her biggest regret was encouraging her kid to go to Boston for college she lost her. Well C has always wanted to get out of Arkansas but she's more frugal than her dad (if that is even possible) and her visit to Gainesville luckily fell flat. My OB Cindy told me her favorite part of Anna going to U of A was getting Airbnb's and inviting all her daughter's friends to dinner that sounds so lovely I can't wait to emulate. C is struggling a little with working so damn hard and not getting into Ivy League schools. I say fuck that. Have you watched the documentary on the college admission scandal? Highly recommend. Ivy league is a terrible racket. Happy Wednesday. Much love, Elizabeth

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