Saturday, March 13, 2021

White Russians

     I was addicted to White Russians and Buttery Nipples in my 20's so when I learned from my Super Girl's Survival group that CutWater made a White Russian I was so excited. Before I even bought some Christy fed me two the morning after our sleepover and since BiteSquad didn't deliver until noon it was on an empty stomach. At 14% alcohol they knocked me on my ass and I napped for two hours. The guy at the liquor store said CutWater also makes a Mai Tai that is 12% alcohol and I've never had one of those to my knowledge but I'll have to try it.

    Jason texted me last night about the exposed heart - asked me if I would sign it out Monday so he could take her back to the OR and flap her. That case has been the talk of the week in the Dr Lounge, OR, etc. I got it yesterday and despite numerous docs pontificating recurrent cancer in the charts it was like I suspected - ulceration and gangrenous necrosis with stromal radiation atypia. Did some stains to prove my point and look for weird bugs but there were none it was all bacteria. 

    The cancer doc who admitted her upon presentation to his clinic (with a 4-5cm hole in her chest! To her exposed beating heart!) was an oldie and goodie Supercoop. That's what we called him in med school, David Kuperman, he was crazy smart at the top of the class. Then he got his first B of his life on rotations I remember he was so mad but turns out book smarts don't always translate to emotional smarts but I've talked to him, he recently relocated from St. Louis to CARTI, he seems to have mellowed since then. Married a nurse. Has two young girls. When he calls, he keeps me on my toes he's one of two docs on campus (Khan is the other) who understands immunostains and will challenge me with my thought process. Makes work more fun.

    Ok I'm halfway thorough a White Russian so I'm going to go chill and take a call Saturday nap. Got lots of random art from Rennie - she slept over last night - in my office, which is a WIP I'll share pics when it's done. I made three organized art drawers just for her and she obviously put them to use this morning as I was sleeping in after being up in the night. Happy Saturday. Much love, Elizabeth

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