Friday, March 26, 2021

Seller's Market

     Did I mention I sold my house? And we signed a full price back up offer this week if the first full price offer falls through. So different from last year. I have read that it's a seller's market but we really experienced it when we put our house on the market and had 7 showings the next day. So grateful for good renters who have been taking care of it and are dealing with all of this so we don't have too.

    I think I'm finally acclimating to the altitude on the day before we leave lol. My body sure told me, in more ways than one, that this is not an active vacation for me I've been on the couch reading. I've had Angels & Insects on my bookshelf for years and finally started it I'm a little ways into the first novella and it is fascinating. The story and the protagonist, anyway, when the guys start pontificating about religion I get a little glassy. The protagonist is a naturalist, and I just love that. He gets lost in beautiful descriptions of ants and butterflies. Looking forward to reading more on the 12 hour drive to OK City tomorrow.

    The girls and I have a spa afternoon planned so excited. We booked massages and have the use of all the spa amenities throughout the afternoon. I've been to Elevation Spa before and can't remember their exact amenities but I'm sure it's luxurious. It's Mary Margaret's first massage so excited for her. C hasn't had many either. Planning in town Ryce for dinner it's one of our faves. My third venture out of the condo this week lol.

    Susi Jeffus texted me this morning and was wondering if we were still looking for a pathologist (yes dying for one) her chair interviewed a guy and made an offer his wife is finishing fellowships hemepath and cytopath trained (!! As Kelsey Forcum would say Yay say Yay) and would we tackle Visa issues? I told her to pass the info along we are definitely looking and would love to interview her. I texted my partners and everyone is cautiously optimistic. Susi said as soon as her chair and the guy they made the offer to come to a decision she will share her CV. 

    So despite the fact that every aspect of my physical body seems to be betraying me things are looking up. About to pick a card from The Goddess Oracle deck and book set Lisa recommended I bought it a few months ago but stalled out after I picked Kali. She recommends daily which I vow to do - yesterday I chose an Irish goddess Maeve. All about grounding and responsibility and authenticity which I need to gravitate toward right now. The meditations are a little too intense but it's fun reading about the goddesses. 

    Lisa taught me a grounding meditation yesterday about pretending your feet are roots connecting to Mother Earth. Well my roots shot directly to the molten lava core of the planet and despite the fact I hadn't plan to journey - was only getting Reiki - I traveled to the Underworld on a pterodactyl's back to prehistoric Earth. We flew over bubbling volcanoes and lush Amazonian jungles it was amazing. Who needs acid when you've got Lisa. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Much love, Elizabeth

Edited to add I picked Bast. Love her.

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