Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Post Call Tuesday

     ENT tumor board was this morning and was continuing to wow people with exposed heart video Hays and Sims were awed and I showed it to the guy sitting next to me I saw he had signed in as Phelan DDS. I asked if he was Tom's dad (he looked younger) he said no that's my brother do you know Tom? I said I know Kristi I graduated high school with her at PA back in 1990 where there were only 40 in the class. We don't keep up much except for reunions but she's in Dallas right? And your brother did my brother's braces and Tom did both my kids. He smiled and said he often gets mistaken for Tom's dad and thanked me for making the connection.

    Jason is texting right now he's going to flap tomorrow he wants to present it at tumor board and I told him to lmk when he does I'm assigned this Thursday but we rotate general CARTI and I will show up even if I'm not assigned to discuss the path. Speaking of, I promised him pics and I finally took them today with C's old glass shattered phone and I was really frustrated bc I tried to AirDrop for 30 minutes and couldn't wondered is it WiFi (lab basement office often sucks) or am I missing something? After I consulted tech savvy Melody and she verified I was doing everything right it happened to go through. Doing nothing different than I had done for the past thirty minutes. Technology ARGH.

    And it was that kind of an afternoon after a pretty smooth morning I got really frustrated trying to reup my CAP membership (their crappy website link was on the blink). Then I just got tired. DST catching up I guess I'd been up since 4am. Christy and I planned a tentative trip to Chicago in May that was fun. I can't wait to check in with my bro and sis-in-law - who relocated during the pandemic - and make restaurant reservations. 

    Toe is still giving me hell I'm problem solving by trying to hide flip flops with long outfits and giving it air I think I need to do intensive treatment for dry skin tonight. I like Burt's Bees foot cream Christy recommended olive oil and almond oil but Burt's Bees soaks in overnight there's no clean up job required in the am. I think I still have some even though I haven't used it in years. That's about all I've got, none very exciting but oh well. Here's to the almost middle of the week. Leaving for CB Saturday so that's exciting as Hell. Looking forward to snowshoeing and spa-ing and shopping and eating. Happy Tuesday, much love, Elizabeth

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