Wednesday, March 3, 2021

New Hires and Good Friends

         So when I got home last Friday S told me his mom wanted to do dinner Tuesday night. Alternately, he wanted to take her out to dinner. I was like OK, for what. He said for my birthday. Facepalm. I'm not a forgetter of birthdays, but I forgot, and was thankful he told me before the weekend because I had a lot of planning to do. That obviously could not involve Amazon,  bc I was too late. I said of course I will take you out to dinner, and kids joined. He's a textbook introvert, but loved celebrating with just us and kids and his mom. 

    The sleepover was a blast, I want to do it again, but without gluten. I did another glutenfest - hush puppies and naan and fried catfish and onion rings - Christy has her finger on the pulse of bitesquad. Not blaming her I asked for it but Monday night was hell on the couch my daughter had her friends over for Foco/goco (friend homecoming goodwill theme) and I couldn't even interact I was in such pain. 

    Christy had obviously put a lot of thought into the surgical shoe decorating. She shunned glitter, unless it was laminated (she has a laminator- she taught me how to use it) bc she was worried it might seep into my open pin wound. Instead we spent the morning cutting and laminating card stock to fit the shoe - she attached velcro. Liz, she said, you need to adjust the decor to your wardrobe. All the while feeding me this new canned White Russian. 14% alcohol OMG. I loved White Russians in my early 20's it was my signature drink - besides Buttery Nipples - so I didn't refuse. 

    When I first got over there MaryGrace was still hanging out after delivering her GS cookies and they both were kind when a recently purchased bottle of Rock Town bourbon tumbled out of my purse and landed on the floor in a million pieces. It's always nice to be a klutz, MG said, and not a drunk klutz, then when you get tipsy people attribute it to your personality and not your inebriated state. Yeah I'm totally sober and that was a waste of 50 bucks, I replied. Christy pulled out the bread. We wondered why.

    Christy said I cannot believe I am teaching the two smartest people I know something new. Bread is a great picker upper of broken glass, mostly small pieces. Here are two loaves. MG replied that she was so poor and preggo in college she would never have wasted good bread on cleaning up broken glass but once we got the big pieces up it was a true miracle. 

    Work has been crazy intense this week I'm glad it's almost Friday Eve. Lots of needles I've had to call in for backup twice I cannot be in two places at once. Especially with this shoe. Taking the elevator sucks but I'm getting used to it I still miss one at least once a day. They are five they span a bunch of territory if I push a button and one comes up on the other side too soon I cannot get there fast enough. But I've finally learned the direction to go once I get off - helpful for bronch lab and trips to the dr lounge for coffee and snacks. 

    I thought I had a dr appt. today to lose the pin but when I got there it was locked and I was banging on the door I was only five minutes late. In retrospect, it's probably tomorrow I wrote it down wrong on my calendar. Took two of my dept heads Tina and Jessica to dinner tonight for singlehandedly manning their depts over the snowstorm for many days and we had a blast. Need to do that more often. They are so much fun and frankly the backbone of our company.

    In other awesome news I poached a cook from Blvd Kimberly Ogden and she started Monday and she's doing amazing. She texts me inspirational quotes every morning at 6am and she's already winning over the hearts of everyone in transcription Tina is her boss. I attended her job interview a couple of weeks ago to support her it was honestly Oscar worthy forget the Golden Globes. Real people are much more of an inspiration. 

    Happy late Wednesday. Hope your week is going well. Got CARTI tumor board in am so crashing soon. Much love, Elizabeth

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