Monday, March 29, 2021

Call Monday

     Ugh it was a doozy. When I came in this morning Tina handed me a stack of cases to take pictures for for ENT tumor board tomorrow. I said I think it's Staggs' turn? Unless that changed last week? Sure enough he took off last minute. I just finished editing necrotizing granulomatous tonsillitis pics with Histo on the GMS and diffuse large B cell lymphoma of the thyroid. I told Trip Mishra last week on text I would help him get to CARTI tumor board this week too, even though I'm not assigned - he was texting early Thursday morning that he was lost. Two extra tumor boards. Oh well. 

    Then since cases were coming out slow and I thankfully had no frozens I set out to do my quarterly ABP test, which takes about an hour or so, and is a complete waste of my time. So much so I have frequently considered just guessing and not googling and trying to find the answers but I'm too competitive for that. We have cumulative stats and as of today I'm nine percent above my peer average, at 89%. And I'm not sure how I went up a percentage point today because I missed a lot of questions, including the first three of 25 which gave me chest pain. Luckily the next two were softballs and many easily googleable but I missed a lot. I'm pretty sure I've never picked peds path in my assessment design but I had three pedi path questions including one on congenital epulis of the newborn give me a freaking break! And one question asked about what an ED doc would do with these labs and another what category does this oncologist ethical question fall in and they were intuitive but left me thinking what kind of crazy lab rat am I for whose freaking study on my work time. One question near the end was a repeat of one I missed and I was like how stupid do you think I am. They are measuring repetitive learning in questions completely irrelevant to my practice. Give me a lit review of something pertinent to read and ask me questions about it any day - this is pure hell. It's due Wednesday. They overly frequently remind you to do it early in the quarter but I always procrastinate.

    Then I'm on this e-mail thread with a CAP inspection officer and NLR lab director and our hire to travel and assure lab compliance Mary and two docs in DeSoto Mississippi whose inspection was due last August (we were supposed to inspect them) but then Covid. In March CAP officer said let's pick a date and I said I'm the new CLIA director for Conway and our inspection window is May 10-August 9 so after August we could do it I need to be here we've already sent blackout dates. The docs in DeSoto said we have CLIA coming in August and it's our first CAP inspection and we need it done before August. Dilemma. CAP said (today!!) OK Dr. Seng can you plan it for April. I almost blew a gasket. I emailed back to the group that I have done many inspections, and had always had a six month window to plan and expected no less during a pandemic. I sent a respectful but assertive email, but honestly you'd think she was asking me to perform magic or something. I said it takes a month even to assemble a team and we have med tech shortages in NLR and med techs on medical leave and a pathologist shortage and call and work schedule to work around so not a possibility. We are donating our time here. Required work comes first. CAP officer sent me a sweet private email requesting a phone call at my convenience to discuss possibilities and I said sure ASAP on a day much less busy than today I'd let her know when it works for me. 

    I won't even touch on my friend I'm helping in a lawsuit or my daughter's college issues today it's too much I'm ready to wind down. I got home from work and I'm not sure if it's a physical issue (EGD and colonoscopy should resolve that at the end of April fun vacay plans) or a psychological one (Yousef thinks so it always happens at the end of a hard day at work) or ascension sickness (that's my own theory I googled it a few months back) but I puked my guts up right before this blog. For the first time in a while. Turns out, corn lasts the longest from a lunch of chicken tortilla soup the rest was just bits and pieces of what I like to imagine, as I'm hurling my guts up uncontrollably in the kitchen sink, is ancient soil. Hope your Monday went better than mine. You have to laugh, though. Much love, Elizabeth

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