Monday, March 8, 2021

Call Monday

     I got a call from Dr. Marotti's nurse this morning - he's a general surgeon. She wanted me to bird dog a gallbladder he just finished on a 41 yo male. Scott is a gregarious guy - I remember meeting his wife long ago in training she is a neonatologist at UAMS and we bonded, bc, my dad. I bumped into Scott last Friday and he said, Whoa, is it wear your pajamas to work day? Not that that's bad? I was a little taken aback but I smiled back and said Well it is casual Friday right?

    I was looking at myself in the mirror later after using the bathroom and well I was wearing a headband and had a plaid shirt dress on and flip flops bc toe bandage but I was really going for more of a 90's grunge look, not pajamas. And hell he was wearing scrubs aren't they the quintessential work pajamas? He's so nice though I didn't take offense but when the stunning Amazon nurse in the bronch lab later told me how amazing I looked and how I always had such a great sense of style and I thanked her I was honestly a little relieved.

    Anyway the nurse said the omentum was really weird he sent me pics can I send them to you? Of course, I gave her my cell, told her I was on call would have the gross room assign the case to me and text her tomorrow when I got it. Jessica called me over to look at the gross specimen. It was very underwhelming. I showed her the OR pics they were a little confusing not scary omental caking like in ovarian tumors but definitely at least hypervascular. I need to find Scott tomorrow to ask him about it.

    185 blocks today that's a lot even for a Monday. And of course the big dump happened at 12:30. At 11:00 I was called to the gross room for a frozen for OMG frozen king Sims. Just one? I was relieved. Lingual nerve margin it was negative but he promised the whole specimen would be forthcoming. As long as it is after 12 I'm good. Jinx.

    I got called to the gross room at 11:50 by Jessica she had a frozen from Jason Muesse he's a super nice thoracic surgeon we have texted about complex cases in the past. It was a pleural rind and I was looking at it and talking to my friend Laurie who was on lunch. I called the OR speaker and told him it was just chronic inflammation and fibrosis and he was so surprised "I thought it was cancer!" that I took a second look. GD. I found a tiny 2mm focus of apparently malignant cells. I called him back and said based on your surprise I took a second look and I think it's enough but we are going to have to do stains to work out meso vs. carcino and etiology. Then I went onto the shitload of Sims frozens (b through J I think that is a record for me for one case at Baptist) thankfully they were all neg.

    Eating lunch (roasted red pepper with gouda) Jason was texting me gratitude for taking a second look at the frozen and I sent laughing and despair emojis lol I should have gotten it right the first time. He said pleura is hard and he's right, it is. I abandoned a dentist appointment in near panic attack this afternoon. SO. MANY. CASES.

    Quinn came back today and I was so happy the morning mood was super festive at PLA. He gave us partners all gifts of stationary and pens, all personalized, very thoughtful (probably Ginger influenced) and wrote a heartfelt thank you to circulate among the partners. He looks great, same as always. Sounds good too. I had a bit too much of a stressful afternoon to chaperone his exit but I'm sure someone else took care of that. Happy TG Monday is almost over. Much love, Elizabeth


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