Friday, March 5, 2021

Bronch Lab

     I went to my second bronch today and the first was Cidney he's a frequent flier but this one was Nutan Bhaskar he hasn't done one in months at Baptist. He's very kind and soft spoken I bumped into him at the Racquet Club a few years ago we talked about kids. He said there was a thyroid mass and I asked him to repeat himself (mask) to make sure I understood thyroids are in CT not bronch. So I'm looking at the smears and the picture was so confusing clumps of epitheliod cells. Maybe thyroid? The patient was already sitting up the procedure was over I'm trying to take the stairs now so I'm a little late to the game bc still slow. I looked at the second one as was like maybe? Colloid on the edge? Watery though no coarse chunks. I asked my tech Tony what he thought.

    He course corrected me this is 10L lymph node not thyroid we all had a big laugh and I told Nutan he probably had a met to a lymph node epitheliod cells, no matter how bland, don't belong there but I wasn't seeing background node so I hedged. I was writing my diagnosis on the requisition and Tony was chatting about a new obsession with ROMER Italian wood carvings I said I'll have to look those up. He sent me pics of a bunch of men I asked if there were any women, they are interesting. He sent me a link to some women, not as many as men, he said, but there is a woman doctor one I am interested in purchasing. They are funky in a way that reminds me of the wooden Santa S's mom got us for Christmas with the incense pipe.

    I have a friend whose daughter has a roommate at FVille. The daughter discovered her roommate aspirating this morning in apparent OD. She had the wherewithal to turn her on her side and sweep her mouth and get her to the ED. She probably saved her life, I told her in text. I have told my kids to get an adult immediately if there is any unconscious kid at a party but haven't told them what to do if someone is aspirating vomit need to remedy that. Apparently both her kids saw the episode of Breaking Bad where someone died after aspirating and it left an impression. She's heading there to support her daughter, who is understandably shaken as shit. I'm so proud of her for plugging in and her daughter for doing the right thing. Sometimes the things that rock us to our core grow us and send us in our life direction.

    I accidentally sent a group email to the larger book club last night that said our meeting was on Friday, not Saturday, and when I checked my email at 7am I got lots of confusion and declined invitations. I apologized profusely and corrected my error there are at least three that said they could now come so I'm excited. Forgetting bdays, sending out wrong dates, teenager issues - this pandemic is brutal. Can't wait to see those who can make it tomorrow night and catch up.

    So happy it's Friday it's been a week. I start a week of call on Monday and as far as I know BDQ is supposed to return on Monday, albeit abbreviated in responsibility, and if that happens we are going to throw a big lunch pizza party for PLA. Kimberly is diving into her new job with fervor and asked me about another position for her daughter that Rick from histo was mentioning I said we love and absolutely hire family I will review her resume and get with Rick and Shaver on Monday. I am loyal to anyone who appreciates a good opportunity. We are a somewhat small business we have 50 employees but we are like family and when we get a good person they stick and they rise we love to offer help for further education and salary advancement for anyone motivated we will not be sore if we can place them in a better job in the community as long as they serve with dedication. Passion is a plus. Kimberly has a ton of passion I love welcoming her into our family. Happy Friday. Much love, E



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