Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Altitude Sickness

     Snuck up on me and kicked my ass today. I'd never experienced it before so I didn't know it was a thing and kids and S were skiing so didn't know my plight. I was sweaty and lethargic and in and out of consciousness so much it reminded me of when my best friend from med school Alyssa shared the story of how she was so sick in Africa they put her in a death hut and rats were nibbling at her. Luckily I was in an ArBnB not a death hut but I was in anguish. Thankfully my body knew what I needed even though I was thinking food poisoning I yelled at C for water late afternoon and finally started to heal and gain strength. Not enough to even bathe but enough to go to the couch and watch the college admissions scandal doc on Netflix (I was so addicted) and start Behind Her Eyes which was a C recommendation that we are now glued to - watched the first two episodes. A friend told me that as you age altitude adaption is more of an issue, well I'm aging for sure. He takes disposable oxygen tanks good to know for the future but lots of water righted me again.

    So hopefully now vacation can start I've burned two days sleeping and feeling way too sick but the Borg's came over last night and I freaking love Laura she's a ton of fun. Cute, quirky, Bernie fan. We got along really well. Tomorrow planning to cook for family so they can hit the slopes then walk to the grocery for a few items and shop in town in the afternoon. Need to book a spa for me and the girls Thursday afternoon. Planned to do that today but holy hell. Hope you are having a good week. Much love, Elizabeth

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