Tuesday, February 2, 2021


     Ugh I got assigned to breast conference again tomorrow *sigh* but I'm there for all my surgeon pals and I texted Becky today cause I'm helping out with one of her friends and she will be there tomorrow too. I'm going to be there for everyone except breast rad running it I've done lots of dirt digging over the past two weeks and . . . surprise surprise . . . there's dirt. Sharing widely amongst my circles. But Oncolens still gives me panic attacks I will be there too early to make sure I can share the pics I took on Cecelia's old shattered phone today. Then AirDropped to mine. Now I need to try to remember how I got them to my computer because I know that my work gmail won't take large files (or small files, or hardly any files). 

    Been talking with an orthopod over at UAMS this week who thought he was doing a knee repair and uncovered a surprise ugly as hell tumor. Part of our QA is that we call surprising findings and I could tell by reading his op note it would be a surprise. He marveled and said there's no history I told him today that every stain I threw at it was negative doesn't look like carcinoma I'm going to rule out melanoma overnight but I'm worried it's a sarcoma got the block to send to Jesse tomorrow up at Cleveland Clinic if I can't figure it out. I talked to Jesse last week. He cracked me up. He said that if someone told him when he decided to have kids what all he was in for he would not have believed them. He said that they have started putting Prozac in the house tap water - facetious or not, I'm not sure, but no judgement here. I spent two hours dealing with kid issues today and it kind of threw me off my game but I think I supported them well. Seems like kids cook along fine for a while and then they need the shit out of you and when both do in one day it's emotionally taxing. 

    When I was little I had a rich imagination. I certainly never dreamed I'd be a pathologist but I'm not sorry I ended up here it's mentally rewarding and certainly pays the bills. I don't think this is my be all end all though. I might stick around part time forever, but I was studying Andrew Weil's integrative medicine fellowship a few months back (I almost signed up in October that would have been batshit crazy with all I've got going on) at Arizona you can do it all online and it looks amazing. When I was unboxing books a few weeks back (it's a never ending process) I uncovered a prototype of his tome Spontaneous Healing I have yet to revisit. I read the other month about an OB up near Bentonville who did the fellowship about a year ago she's starting a huge integrative medicine practice with doc services and yoga and lots of other things to address the whole person, not just their parts.

    I'm not sure what a non-clinical doc has to offer in this arena if anything but I'm excited, maybe over the next year or so, to try to find out. Happy Tuesday. Wish me luck at blasted breast conference tomorrow. Then I go to Conway on Thursday for a 7:30 frozen and it's just in the nick of time I've taken over that hospital clin lab directorship from BDQ and Misty keeps emailing me I've got lots of stuff to sign. BDQ is recovering at home and we are making him listen to his doctors and not his ego. Lindsay turned down the job - back to square one there. I'm a firm believer in fate and destiny and non-attachment so open to the next chapter despite having to buckle down on the work. Starting up Doc Mom Book Club again Kricia and Natalya and Becky are joining so excited. Hope your week is going well. Much love, Elizabeth


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