Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Super Spreader Event

     So I bumped into Mandee Novack in the Dr. Lounge this morning and she beat me to the coffee machine. We chatted. I told her that her lecture was so good in a text over the weekend and she thanked me. I told her this morning that all of what she said was in my wheelhouse I'd be happy to help her in any future talks I could be an underwriter I don't want any glory I would love to support her though. She appreciated that and cracked me up by saying this is not what I signed up for all the S drop and PCR (exaggerated drawn out drawl) was not her area of expertise. She looks like a beauty queen insomniac in scrubs I mean this in the best possible way if she ever reads this which is highly doubtful. Her coffee was a size bigger than mine. She needed it.

    She said there was an outbreak in GeriPsych in the middle of the night 12 people tested positive it was alarming like a super spreader event. I was like what? Again? I followed the GeriPsych outbreak at the beginning of the pandemic for the head of the lab Paula Dick and read charts extensively to try to follow the event. She said yeah that was a trickle phenomenon but this is all at once. I said one thing I learned was that moving the patients to general med surg was a nightmare they can't handle psych patients there. Some died, some did fine and were transferred to another facility after quarantine. There are no boundaries, I told her, I hope you didn't move them to med surg. She said no we didn't and I think it was the right decision but I'm worried that there were so many positive all at once I might need sequencing. Looking for that S drop, another variant. You are right, she said. No boundaries in psych. No masks. Or they are eating the masks. They are definitely coughing all over each other in group, I replied. I LOL'd she's a triple threat brains and beauty and humor I hope to become her friend someday when this is all over.

    I was busy running around doing needles - there's a catch up phase to weather and pandemics - and so was head of micro Amy she told us in huddle she had no less than four conference calls today she would be largely unavailable so I texted her about the outbreak and she promised she would alert Marti. Conference calls were about new anaerobic detection machine (does it or doesn't it require propane like the old one I'm still not clear). Also new WASP info and other stuff. She explained but it was a lot of new info and I forgot.

    The head of Conway lab Misty got together all the yearly blood product usage info to present at QRC at five pm today and I was there to support her. It was a Google Meet and most people used their cameras (unlike tumor board virtuals we are audio only) but I disabled mine it was a new environ with a bunch of docs and admins that looked like they had aged well ten years after being the star of their colleges best fraternity. Misty was fantastic I texted her so and it turns out we are the highest in platelet usage in the state when compared to hospitals of equal beds (100-299). When she asked for questions I said 1) Would the trauma staff like ED and gen surg be ok with us not keeping platelets on hand (doubting this clinicians all want more blood products) as a trauma center and 2) Can you get info on ABI if other hospitals in our cohort that are trauma centers - what do they do to keep from wasting platelets? She said she would and was texting me OMG I was so stressed was I red I was so hot and I said no you were amazing why do you think I disabled my camera? She honestly did better than most of the guys. 

    I got my endoscopy and colonoscopy rescheduled from my daughter's bday to the end of April whew. Christy said she would take me and she would entertain me with stories of penile implants? I was like whoa. I saw them on autopsy patients. She said the there is the air pump kind and the ones like slinky's that sound like rice krispies in milk? I said I just observed and documented never touched so no experience there. She assured me she will regale me with more info on penile implants during my colonoscopy prep I'm not sure if I want to know? But it's kind of funny so bring it on. She has a barky dog that annoys her kids sometimes but whenever they complain she says would you trade Sonny in for a bad stepdad? Resounding no. She is one of the smartest people I know on the planet.

    Happy almost Wednesday hope you all are happy and safe much love, Elizabeth

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