Saturday, February 6, 2021

Phone a Friend

     You know how it is when your job is cookie cutter and you cruise along like a king bc you've been doing this for a dozen years. Yeah, that didn't happen this week. I was covering morning frozens for Michelle, who was on call but she's in NLR, and I was frustrated as hell bc I kept having to consult my partners. I can go for months without needing anyone but I was calling Staggs and Shaver and Bell like I was just out of training (they struggled too so it made me feel better about my neediness).  I mean weird polypoid squames in the larynx of non-smokers and spinal tumors and brain lesions craziness was crawling out of the woodwork.

    I had an amazing case yesterday. Freaking cystic hemangioblastoma in a patient with Von Hippel Lindau syndrome. I was ooing and ahhing over the plump pink cells and showed it to Rex for confirmation. He was like if she hadn't had 14 in the past I'd make you stain it to rule out a met from the kidney but let's just all go out on a limb and call it. It really is a once in a lifetime case. If that. We are lucky to get to see it. And the fact that the patient was cooking along long enough to have more of the same removed from the son of the neurosurgeon that originally removed the former tumors (David and Jonathan Reding are an amazing duo) makes me feel good about medicine.

    I got to be a part of something really cool this week. Becky has a friend who had breast cancer 10 years ago and she had a core this week, done by my friend Amanda Ferrell, for calcs. Becky wanted me to read the core ASAP and I promised her I would. Well I was on my way to Conway Thursday and she was on her way to Hot Springs and she saw her friend walking at dawn and thought, she probably didn't sleep all night. I'd had a heads up and had the cores directed to me but didn't get them on the first run so bird dogged it as soon as I got back to LR. Turns out Staggs and Shaver had grabbed cases out of my box to help me out and Staggs had read it out as B9 with a little ALH (SUCH GOOD NEWS). I had talked to Amanda in the AM she was at UAMS she was totally cool with Becky calling the news to her friend. I reviewed the case and concurred and called Becky she was so excited I swear I could palpate the relief over the phone. She said so often I feel like the grim reaper it's nice to be able to deliver good news we don't get the opportunity to do that in our job it's just a report. I echoed that. 

    So happy to have the week off. I was an effing idiot and ate a bunch of gluten at date night at Bonefish Grill (bread and crab cakes and the batter on their fish and chips is like savory funnel cakes) and I really paid the price Friday afternoon I almost could not drive home my stomach was on fire. But GasX helped and I had a nice dinner party and I'm so happy to have the week off I'll keep in touch. So much to talk about. Much love, Elizabeth

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