Monday, February 22, 2021


     Is that a word? I'm experiencing it on this Monday. Got an email from the American Board of Pathology seems I'm delinquent on my every two years reporting cycle. It's not really an issue until December I have plenty of time to report but WTF. If you send me weekly emails on my quarterly tests (I am so freaking jealous of everyone who grandfathered out of this shit) why can't you send me a heads up before I owe you extra money? I've only been remiss during the divorce and the pandemic I'm a good person I promise. I had to do a survey last week on the quarterly tests yes it is infinitely better than re-taking your boards every ten years but still it's a load of shit. Googling esoteric questions with a five minute time limit does not fing advance any part of my education. Give me some good articles to read and answer questions about to further my knowledge like those ASCP ones and you are back in my good graces. 

    Called my podiatrists office today to get a new shoe that fits and learned, contrary to the new hire who guided me last week, that I had to go back to Arkansas Surgical Hospital bc they charged me for the too small shoe in the first place. To avoid paying for a new one. So I trekked there after work and the new shoe was way too big it slipped off my heel way worse than a few toes hanging off of the top. Why is it that we women feel like we are asking too much for something that works? I battled that demon and learned that there was no other shoe in between it was the one I had or the worse one. The PACU nurse explained that it was probably my dressing that made my toes hang off the shoe.. I rolled my eyes inside of my head. This is a freaking surgical shoe. It should fit and accommodate dressings. But I smiled graciously and thanked her for her time and told her I had a post op on Thursday and would pay for a new shoe if I could find a good fit. Ugh.

    Covid scares the shit outta me. I was in Radiology today - doing a ROSE on a needle, and Ken Robbins asked me about my partner Brian. I haven't updated you in a while. He's definitely a Covid long hauler. He's doing PT and OT and the weather last week was hindering this but I sent him a heartfelt text today after a long update about his neuro tests and his shortness of breath and his inability to perform as nearly as well as he did a year ago I almost cried when he replied I was at Walgreen's. He's hoping to return March 8 after a sleep study and a neuro study he thinks we are suffering covering him but holy hell he is fighting the fight of his life. Rad told me about a 50 year old previously healthy who was doing mountain bike races last fall and is now struggling for breath crossing the room. They had a 19 year old last month present with a cold leg (clot) went straight to her brain she was dead before she got to the hospital. Previously healthy. My therapist told me about a colleague whose daughter got Covid from Fville in August she had transverse myelitis she is trying to learn to walk again.

    If Gwyneth Paltrow makes a single dime advertising herself as a Covid long hauler selling blankets that cost a grand I will be. Overpissed. Can't do much about it but be angry. In good news I'm interviewing the J.Lo of pathology Judy Melinek this Wednesday. I will probably need a beat blocker to calm me down I'm so excited. Thank god Monday is almost over. Much love, Elizabeth

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