Saturday, February 20, 2021

I'm So Excited

 I just got off the phone with Samu Queen, a friend from FB. She is primary care in Portland Oregon. She invited me to Bad Mom Docs, which has been cracking me up all week. I reached out to her because a PR rep wants me to interview Judy Melinek next week. OMG Judy! I read Working Stiff years ago and trolled her website after I was so enamored. I told the PR rep I didn't think my blog was appropriate bc no readers ( I see the stats) but I would talk to my FB friends and see how I could get her a wider audience.

    Judy moved her family to New Zealand in the wake of the pandemic. So it will  be interesting to see how that bore out. Alameda County to NZ wow. I messaged Samu to get ideas and she's going to add me to some groups that she thinks will be appropriate. 

    Good god I slept all day. S is sleeping and C is hanging out with Woody after work and I'm just happy to be plugging in with all these amazing people. Hope everyone is safe and happy as me. Much love, Elizabeth

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