Saturday, February 13, 2021

Happy Galentine's Day

     Yeah that's a thing. My daughter celebrated last night at Purple Cow and my BFF Lys's daughter Ainsley planned a brunch and decorated the house and executed the meal (she's ninth grade I think?) but I just texted my girlfriends. Doing surprisingly well today, after surgery.

    I was way more nervous than I thought I would be going in. Big drawback was nothing past midnight including cough drops I dry heaved twice when I registered that and confirmed over the phone. But I did fine and today I didn't even think about cough drops until 2:30 so maybe it was a good thing. The whole getting IV started and EKG and blood draw was worse than the actual procedure. I woke up in the PACU and my friend Dana Abraham visited and I was feeling pretty good the guy to the right of me was getting reminded to breathe and the lady across from me was puking in an emesis bin and the lady to the left of me looked kinda rough but I was talking to the nurses about how excited I was to see Alanis this summer she was rescheduled for August and Christy already has a room within walking distance. Elton John rescheduled for January. Can't remember if I said that already - a lot has happened in last 48 hours. 

    But my doc told me I would have  a local block and anesthesia (Don Frost - I remember Mike talking about him long ago and we made the connection) assured me that Dr. Burks was generous with his blocks and I wouldn't feel anything until the next day (today). I don't think the block worked or it was a partial block bc I really hurt when I woke up but I wasn't pushy I was like it's a six? out of ten? and throbbing? I hate narcotics but can you fix this? They were generous and I had one Sierra Mist and two waters in the PACU and two packages of saltines (oops gluten) so I could take my oral Percocet and get the hell outta dodge.

    My last narcotic was at 4 pm yesterday I just don't get the thrill. I get heavy and dull and depressed I hate it. My friend Tracy in SGS told me she calls long lost friends and cleans the house and loves life oxy doesn't do this for me thank goodness I guess. Been on ibuprofen since last night and I'm totally pain free since this afternoon. This morning I got dizzy again - I now respect the dizzy feeling like it is a goddess - and laid down on the bathroom floor hoping the cold slate against my cheek would keep me from passing out. No dice. Woke up wondering where I was briefly and crab crawled back to the bed and hoisted myself up and slept until almost noon.

    Spent the afternoon finding out which shoes would level with my surgical shoe don't want to be walking all gimpy and I've got to plan there's more weather predicted so we've booked a hotel near Baptist for the week to make sure I get to work. Turns out not much even kitten heels too high but a couple of sneakers and one boot and some slippers work. I also got some new boots in today with retractable crampons and fur lining they are two weeks early good for outdoors but way too intense for hospital. But they are super cute and will help me in the parking lot.

    At the risk of sounding cliche - time is really a good predictor of character. Helps you weed out the ones that don't deserve your time and attention. Kids are good, family good, that's what is most important. Hope you are too. Stay safe, much love, Elizabeth

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