Friday, February 26, 2021

Happy Friday

     Uggh I'm exhausted. It feels like midnight and it's only 8:30 something. Just off phone with my friend Christy we are planning sleepover tomorrow night to watch Billie Eilish doc and decorate my surgical shoe it is desperately in need of overhaul. I'm super excited. Lots happening this week planned doc mom book club next Saturday and Kricia is coming over during the day to help me make the place presentable. 

    Not much today? Huddle anticlimactic. Amy asked me where I got my shirt I told her lululemon and my pants were Baptist gift shop which cracked everyone up. They are super soft and tummy supportive I told them. They are all excited to check out the clothes.

    Today was super slow I was thinking about ICD-10 codes. Like tonsils and sinuses are J.35.01 and J.32.9 what's up with that logic is ENT a J jurisdiction? And too much boob (reduction mammoplasty) is N62 and too much bleeding out of the uterus is N92 who coordinated this? History of cancers and breast implant removals have some Z's how is this related? Or maybe I'm confused? Breast cancer on the right is C50.11 and on the left is C50.12 I've long ago designated my breasts 11 and 12 to help me remember. Just grab em and get illuminated. 

    Cidney was super frustrated in bronch lab at noon. Was getting blood only on multiple lymph node biopsies. The techs told me it was a new needle that costs 3 times more they discontinued the old one. Cid was having none of it he angrily called a rep and learned the old ones were just on back order. He said, "I will never use these again the yield was crappy the sheath fell off during the procedure I hate these needles." I overheard him telling his new nurse that was elementary school shit those nodes were over two centimeters it should have been easy.

    Ok C is calling me again about something that is funny as shit that will take me too long to write about so I'm gonna plug into her and wind down. Happy Friday! Much love, Elizabeth 

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