Friday, February 19, 2021

Happy Friday

     Well we were going to spend one more night at the hotel near the hospital but it aggressively ejected us. The fire alarm was going off on the fourth floor and the manager told us he was trying to relocate all the guests to another hotel because a sprinkler head had burst and according to code the fire alarm could not be turned off until the fire department arrived and that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Packing with the noise pollution was intense they design those things to make you very uncomfortable. I had to turn the air on high to keep from passing out. Despite S having turned the water off at our house earlier due to a burst pipe in an exterior storage room we decided to head home.

    Despite your plans and intentions, sometimes the Universe has alternate design. I'm glad. I realized as we were heading up Southridge that I will probably never in my lifetime have a chance to see my neighborhood this covered in snow. I was just watching the sunrise over the river and taking pictures it's heavenly up here. I regret that the work week contains one more day but if the last few days are much of a precedent it won't be very hard at all. I caught up to Q/A December yesterday so I can tackle January today and plan an epic Q/A meeting next week. 

    I went down to the cafeteria yesterday evening for food - I've been foraging there all week and it has been surprisingly good I think I'm gonna switch back from BV to Dr. Lounge and cafeteria most days. The line was long - I forgot about the early morning e-mail from admin promising free pasta to hospital employees for their service in the storm. It moved quickly - somehow the pasta hadn't managed to arrive so two people were serving chili and chicken noodle soup. The normally full shelves of chips and prepared food and drinks were sparse - no service trucks have managed to make it to replenish supplies this week. I was happy to have made it early enough to grab a couple of bags of Fritos - they were gone by the time I was served.

    Jessica has been going it alone in the gross room for most of the week. She is the only department that has had no help - Van brought Laurie in on Wednesday but he had so much trouble getting out of her neighborhood after dropping her off he said he couldn't pick her up Thursday. And Thursday was obviously the hardest to get in. Janet couldn't make it bc a snow plow came through and created a drift in front of her driveway higher than her truck so Tina went solo yesterday in transcription. Padma has spent the night all week in histology on a cot despite the processors beeping all night I encouraged her to move to my office but she declined. Melody thankfully remembered it was Padma's birthday on the 17th so we shopped for gifts at the gift shop and got cookies for the department and slices of cake and pie for her to eat in her basement at night. That was fun to deliver. She gratefully texted as she opened and ate and said she was having fun it was like camping and our new hire Brandy, who is amazing, was with her so it was a camping sleepover. It's all in perspective. If you spin it right you win every time.

    I could sense Jessica's frustration around noon yesterday so when I heard her telling Tina she had to get out of the gross room for a bit and go to lunch I told her I was taking her to the Dr. lounge to treat her. She was so excited to see them serving turkey and stuffing and green beans she said (and others echoed later) that Baptist turkey is almost as good as the Thanksgiving she serves. I didn't do that (gluten) but got a mediterranean soup and introduced J to my dad's partner Bill Benton. Bob Searcy asked about my foot and I entertained him with stories of my too small shoe. Jessica and I talked about cases she grossed this week I gave her feedback on the thyroid and an epic prostate I need to finish today it is a Gleason score 10 (5 + 5) I've never had one of those. Jessica exclaimed that she didn't even know it went above 7 I said yeah 95% at least are score 6 or 7. This one is so poorly differentiated that I got some stains just to make sure it wasn't crawling up from the bladder mucosa (TCC).

    I'd better go stare at my view and get ready for the day. Road up here was clear and salted so no stress there. Excited for a long weekend of melting and returning to normal. Hope you have a good day. Much love, Elizabeth

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