Wednesday, February 24, 2021


     So I got to work this morning and forgot Huddle!! I had a few leftover lung cancers with a bunch of immunos and it was nothing weird enough to send out but they didn't quite fit the mold so I had to do a lot of internal consultation before dictating and releasing. At 8am I went to micro to apologize to Amy and she showed me a spread sheet of the Geri/Psych patients. 12 out of 14 were positive and interestingly there was no S dropout. But in addition - we ran the samples on two separate machines - the threshold for detection was alarmingly low even lower than the UK strain I'm talking 8K and 10K for nucleocapsid and ORF it was so confusing. I asked Amy to share the patient spreadsheet with me so I could research it later in the day.

    Morning was batshit crazy but things calmed down around lunchtime. The PR agent for Judy emailed me to confirm the conference call interview at 6 and asked for a bio to share with Judy. I finally googled her Jill Siegel good thing I didn't earlier she is equally as intimidating I told her I should interview her too based on all of her accomplishments lol. S helped me research a call recorder app called Rev and let me test drive it on him this morning I was more nervous about that than anything else. I told Jill I wanted to record so I didn't accidentally misrepresent Judy but apparently she didn't pass this along bc Judy was surprised, but accommodating. Also Judy didn't read my bio bc three questions in she expressed surprise that I was a pathologist. After that the interview got much chummier and collegiate I drove home at seven on a crazy high like I just passed my boards or got married or something similarly amazing.

    She's a forensic pathologist, and a NYT Bestselling author, and a platform for change, and I can't wait to read the new novel Jill sent me for my efforts. She had such incredible insight into the pandemic and creating noir out of her experiences and I don't want to tell too much bc I want this to be a surprise. I told Jill I can share widely on social media but I was googling Judy today and she is kind of a badass I said I'm gonna write something up and share it with you and Judy so I don't accidentally misrepresent her (queue her reaction to Guardian misquoting her on Twitter eff no she will rip me to shreds). We commiserated over the poor representation of pathology, especially forensics, on social media and she said OMG you've got to google my blog about 7 bad things on CSI (it was more eloquent but I forget I need to transcribe the interview soon).

    The research into Geri/Psych is more confusing than illuminating I'm going to be interested to see how those guys do. Man teenagers and pandemic can be hard as shit. Judy agreed I've only two kids she has four. Our interview ended abruptly at the 47 minute mark when the call failed I regret that I couldn't thank her but I have enough material to work with. When things slow down. Happy almost Thursday. Much love, Elizabeth

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