Sunday, February 21, 2021

Culture Consumption

     After a week of dealing with weather I just crashed. Slept most of Saturday which I already said and mainlined horror shows on Netflix. I'd highly recommend Alive and His House (my fave so far) The Endless was an interesting concept carried out by B list actors that looked like they just stepped out of an Ambercrombie and Fitch catalog. Started Veronica tonight based on internet reviews and it was so scary I had to stop a half hour ago to wind down. Cause that kind of movie will keep you amped up and tomorrow is Monday I'm covering EV all week and when I told Jack that at dinner he asked what was EV and that was an awkward convo. Funny though. He agreed.

    Speaking of Jack he has been bugging me about finding a new young adult series for weeks I told him I'd research or we could go to B&N but that hasn't happened yet. Usually I spend tons of time researching and he is uber skeptical of my finds it's kind of exhausting. So last weekend I was like here. There is this AR author who wrote a young adult series. You used to hang out with his kids but you don't remember you were so young. This is the first of three. He gave me his stink eye and asked me to describe it to him I was like read the freaking jacket. He bounded upstairs overjoyed holding the book up in front of everyone saying he loves it so much. When I checked in with him today he was halfway through (he's struggling, as are many freshmen, with time management during the pandemic and has lots of assignments to catch up on. I'm not worried, he's learning important life lessons, but gaming has been put on the back burner for now. And reading.) 

    Can't think of much else time to wind down and listen to music. Hope you had a good Sunday. Ugh back to full work week tomorrow hoping it isn't as crazy yet with the weather keeping people grounded. It will slowly pick up, that's a certainty. Stay safe, much love, Elizabeth

Edited to add I also read a book called Writers and Lovers. It was so good. Love a good story about a down and out girl pulling herself up by her bootstraps. The love interest is a nice add, but secondary to her story. 

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