Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Covid Test

     Yikes I had to get my first Covid test today at ASH pre-surgery for Friday's bone spur deal and I was so nervous I took a beta blocker - have some leftover from before I broke my jaw. It really wasn't that big of a deal they just go up your nostril until they feel resistance for the antigen test not nearly as bad as the PCR nasopharyngeal swab I hear. I complimented her as the tear ran down my left cheek and she said I did much better than the last lady she gagged and gagged.

    Then I went to Christy's it's been way too damn long we talk on the phone all the time but I haven't seen her in person in awhile. She texted last week that Alanis rescheduled for a Saturday in August she's already booked a hotel within walking distance of Wal-Mart Pavilion and sent me and Kim a menu of spa services. Her logic is that we need a clean bathroom nearby and a place to not to have to drive to (good logic port a pottys at concerts suck). We had cheese dip and watched half of the Britney Spears doc and I filled out the million documents my GI appointment required of me as a new patient it was insane my appointment was at 3:45. Paul Svoboda I trained with him he's cool as hell he's who Ali and Melody and her sis Rhonda recommended. I was talking out loud about the questions as Christy was tuning in to CNN she hadn't watched it all day and she's addicted. 

    I said they are asking me my referring physician. She was like what? They are asking you your preferred position? You mean left or right? Are there other positions? Like doggy style? Do they list the positions? I LOL'd and said no my referring physician. I'm just going for a pre-screening appointment. She said when she had hers they insisted she roll over on her left she would have preferred 1) If she had an option and 2) If they had offered to position her (there were four of them and one of her).

    When I was filling out the medical history part it was truly random in places. Not having much experience being sick I cannot compare it to other medical history asks but on one they listed having a right mastectomy but not a left. I was telling Christy and laughing - so the right boob is pertinent to the freaking GI doc's medical history but not the left? What's wrong with the left? Red headed stepchild? We both looked down at our boobs and could not fathom the logic of that. They also asked if you had ever had a body piercing or tattoo and what the heck. Christy and I were trying to figure out how a body piercing might affect a colonoscopy. Who gets pierced in the anus? I wondered. She said maybe the perineum?

    So I guess everyone is worried about the weather I'm happy to not be since I'm not working but Laurie is staying at a hotel and one of my new amazing hires Savannah is sleeping in my office kudos to them from carrying the torch. In the middle of the Joan Didion doc it's really good. I'm gonna wind down this vacation week has been uber busy hoping the ice will prevent me from doing so much. Happy Wednesday, stay safe, much love, Elizabeth.

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