Thursday, February 4, 2021

Conway and Cocktail Classes

     So breast conference was a lot better this week. But I was texting Becky bc I don't really get to see what I am presenting (bad platform) and frustrated bc she said my pics were great but blurry when blown up. Despite my frustrations I'm a perfectionist and I want to get it right. She suggested, despite her self avowed tech issues, that I try to use my digital platform I use for ER, PR, and Her2. They use Aperio we have Coreo it's kind of ingenious. We can scan in the pertinent slides and show live images like they do. I asked her how does she drives the images when stupid Oncolens won't let her see she said she has two monitors. WOW. I told S to order me another monitor ASAP.

    Went to Conway today frozens were the least of my worries - a parathyroid effing cake. But I am also taking over CLIA responsibility for the clin lab in lieu of BDQ's recovery so I had to sign a bunch of shit and meet admin and meet the techs that was super fun. Misty, the lab manger, is like another Jessica she's cool as hell. We were texting our love for Cherry Coke Zero and Peanut Butter M&M's I'm going to now request to go there as much as possible. But the dictation was on the fritz and I couldn't order stains I had to over the phone it was painstaking I was back at LR by 2:00. And I had to sign my name so many times I have Carpal tunnel. Kidding not kidding.

    Learned of an incident that is kind of unprecedented with us someone messed with my head of transcription Tina and it's easier to cut when you've been cut. Learning a lot about workman's comp and unemployment these days in addition to Visas it is kind of a lot but we can handle it we are a family and we are strong. 

    Eh I could say more but I'm tired as hell. Maybe this weekend. Looking forward to having Cindy and her husband and the Sanders over tomorrow night and there's a Boulevard cocktail class Saturday I invited Laurie and her new pandemic friend excited to meet her. Lots of people over for the weekend more than I've done in a year. Gonna wind down now. Much love, Elizabeth


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