Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Bath or Shower?

     This week is one for the books. Sunday night in the hotel I was fumbling around looking for the bathroom in the middle of the night and a wall sized mirror fell to the ground and shattered. That's bad luck right? They moved us across the hall Monday afternoon and it was interesting to watch all the tow trucks on Chenal. Monday was busy - I'm not the only one who made it to a planned surgery lots of breast cancer over 160 blocks. I probably should have taken off a couple of more days after surgery I went in early and went to huddle and took the stairs down to the dr lounge and had to sit down and eat eggs and drink two waters before I was able to function without dizziness. I was texting my friend Christy she said Liz you are not even 72 hours post surgery take the damn elevator. So I've been taking the elevator it sucks to wait but it's smart.

    Getting clean is a real struggle with a gimpy foot I took a bath (I don't take baths) on Saturday it would probably be hard for me to get out of a tub with two working feet -pandemic de-conditioning is real - but with one it seemed impossible I drained all of the water out of the tub and still struggled. The hotel tub has a handhold it is a little easier but shallow and Holiday Inn Express skirts the rules. The drawers are cheap and don't align the fridge has frozen all my drinks and there is no bathroom vent S says that is against code. The girls in my text group said shower don't bathe get good packing tape and rubber bands and double Kroger sack so I'm looking forward to trying that tomorrow I've got it all in my arsenal. 

    Tommy stopped me today after huddle about an interesting case that's been moved to UAMS. Guy witb history of Histo had neuro sx and he had a lot of fungal colonies in his CSF. When Tommy called the ID doc she said shit that's too many to ignore. Hopefully systemic anti-fungals will help but it's out of our hands. 

    Today was slow and expecting rest of week to be too getting caught up on Q/A. I've been doing this for 5 years and never got more than two months behind but today I did July and August last month I did May and June (of 2020!) that's kind of crazy. It's nice to have time to get caught up planning September and October tomorrow and there's a required Zoom recording to meet some Baptist reimbursement metrics hoping to have time to watch all 1:37 minutes. It's an update on Covid so maybe I'll learn something this virus is defying all the rules. When I texted Mandee a question the other week even she didn't know the answer. 

    When I was little I longed to have an injury that required crutches and attention lol now I just want my foot to be back to normal. Heather, the pharmacist at Baptist, who recently had a foot injury (intense mountain mike break that required many weeks in bed at home) marveled at the misjudgment of my shoe size. I told her I know it's way too small my toes hang off it's hard to walk and I cannot get ahold of anyone for a post-op follow up they are closed due to inclement weather. She said they gave her a too small boot as well. What's up with thinking women's feet are a size small I asked her I'm a freaking 9.5 that's at least a medium I will try to get it replaced when I get a post-op. But it was already there when I woke up in the PACU I had no say.

    Hoping the last leg of this three tiered weather front is kind and I can get back home Thursday or Friday. Looks like it's going to be in the mid-60's by the end of next week thank goodness. Doing well here enjoying all the snow pics on FB and Insta seems like I'm in Colorado. Stay safe. Much love. Elizabeth

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