Monday, January 11, 2021

Shit Show

     When I was walking to get my second coffee of the day this afternoon, I bumped into Jeff - the head of security at Med Towers. I've seen him all around in the ED too he covers. He asked what's up Doc and since I hadn't talked with him since before the New Year I wandered over to his desk. I told him I was kind of sad my partner who has Covid isn't doing so well. He told me this is nothing to sneeze at I got my first shot last week. I told him I got my second and we discussed shot side effects. He said, Doc, I just don't get it, half the country wants the shot but doesn't have access half the country has access but doesn't want the shot. It's like our whole country is raining upside down. I was like absolutely and laughed and said it's crazy this week but last week topped the charts. He raised his hand up for a high five and laughed back.

    I wish everyone would get their shot because we have got to get rid of this disease. Over the weekend Kewen, who is in my doc mom book club, alarmingly texted that Tanner was in the hospital on the floor with Covid. The three other girls in the text don't know him but he's the kind of guy you wouldn't think would get kicked by a virus - no pre-existing conditions that I know of and super in shape head of a dojo Jack used to train at. Luckily his wife Melanie texted Kewen worried when he got out of the shower winded because she urged him to get admitted sooner rather than later there are windows for treatment the convalescent plasma doesn't work after a period of time. My partner BDQ missed that window. Jauss bumped into Mandee Novack and alerted her that her friend was in with Covid pneumonia and made sure Mandee checked in with him and was on the case. He turned the corner.

    Last Fall I signed up for all the Boulevard Cocktail classes scheduled once a month. Saturday waa Gin-uary lol Ben Singleton is my mentor Gene's grandson (doc Ken OB's son) and I introduced myself in November we sang the praises of his grandad. He told me that Gene and wife Sandy both were having a rough go after testing positive for Covid. UGH COVID. This morning my chief texted that BDQ was readmitted over the weekend with symptoms of imbalance (two falls) and hallucinations it's been well over two weeks since he's tested positive this shit should be over but it's not and when my partner Michelle called in and Rex called me around six to explain the plan for covering I almost had a panic attack. Luckily hers was just a GI bug we were texting today she will probably be back tomorrow. I also texted Gene his diagnosis was in November they are doing better but it was a rough course. He lives right down the road from my new house I told him we need to do coffee when this shit show is over (kidding I could NEVER cuss in front of Gene but that was the sentiment).

    My OB Cindy Hubach called me at the end of the day to help expedite some slides on one of her patient's - we had sent them for expert consult to Cleveland Clinic and her patient, my age, is being treated at MD Anderson for nasty cancer of unknown origin. They need to review the slides before they treat her. I was getting help from head transcriptionist and thinking what in the hell am I gonna do without Cindy? I found out a couple of months ago she was transferring to New Mexico where her youngest daughter got into college she's been my OB for almost 18 years I am so sad. I saw Amy Wiedower on the way out the other day and asked if she would take me on and we commiserated at the loss. Laura and Scott and Cindy and Ash and S and I are going to have a couple's dinner before she starts her new job on February 19th.  I know, we aren't gathering, but maybe it will be warm (outside gathering?) and all except Ash and S will be 95% protected so it should be safe.

    So take home don't play cowboy with your life if any of you out there happen to get Covid get to the hospital right away and get all the good treatments we have available Arkansas is a hotspot right now and I can't afford to borderline lose or lose or worry about anyone else my emotional bucket is almost empty. Happy Monday is finally over blech what a nasty day stay safe much love, Elizabeth

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