Thursday, January 7, 2021

Second Shot

     Everyone is talking about the side effects of their vaccination. My first one had none. I had a deep tissue massage two days later and did not experience any pain in the area. The second one, the one I had Monday, made me really sore, not resting sore, but raise your arm up sore and roll over on that arm in the middle of the night it will wake you up sore. Doc mom book club intelligently took ibuprofen and naproxen to counteract the soreness but I just dealt with it. Others had it worse, with the second dose. My ex had flu like symptoms - stuffy nose and fatigue - someone in micro had a massive headache. So I felt kinda lucky.

    I really miss teaching, and I have a shot at giving a cytopath lecture at UAMS - Susie Jeffus and I are texting, but we keep missing the mark and now Covid. So a few months ago I offered a two hour tour/lunch to anyone in micro wishing to see path (my retired partner Diane Johnson started off as a lab tech and she was a badass pathologist) and I have given it a chunk of times to them and a sis of an ED doc who helped me navigate to the ice machine one weekend on call. He asked Are you Rhonda Gentry's sis I said no that's Melody I'm Elizabeth but I'd love to show her around. She hung out with me for two days and despite her teetotaling ways she gifted me a bottle of wine and a sweet thank you note. I encourage everyone I tour to keep in touch and let me know of their progress. I'd love to help anyway I can.

    Yesterday I toured one of Cecelia's BFF's older bro John Peyton. He's on full scholarship at OBU. His sister Charley came with us to Florida last year - she is lovely (an introvert like me) so I was excited to meet him and show him around. He's on this path that requires rigorous study and guarantees 90% med school acceptance. He told me all he does is study - he doesn't socialize at all. But he has no window into medicine - his family is non-medical - so I told him I would be his gateway. I know lots of docs that would be happy to let him be a shadow and he was grateful. I introduced him to my path bro Staggs who graduated from OBU and they shared contacts too. I told Brent as I got a second on a lung cancer Wasn't he lovely? He said yes I gave him my contact too. 

   A lot of people were asking me if I was swaying him toward Path. I said hell no I was just showing him the ropes. You don't choose your specialty your specialty chooses you. Staggs laughed and said that sounds super Star Wars but I believe it's true. I was at the top of the wailing wall in path. It's not a sexy subspecialty. I had a place in optho but path called me. From the bottom of the lab. And I'm lucky it's been a good life for me and my kids. I told John we have a saying in path when the clock strikes four don't block the door. 

    Even though I get frustrated at admin they adhere to religious tenets that make our lives better. No Sunday surgeries - I told John when I go home on call I'm pretty sure that the OR has wound down for the day. Melody is Baptist and so is Staggs but Quinn and Rex are Catholic I started off Catholic but now I'm a Methodist Heathen if you put me in a box I don't belong in.

    Quinn needs prayers. Yay Georgia. Weird Capitol. Happy Thursday. Much love, Elizabeth

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