Sunday, January 24, 2021

Raging Myocarditis

     So I finally peeked at the slides on the autopsy heart last week and to my horrible dismay I saw the very rare raging myocarditis associated with invasive thymoma (rare on rare) and my gut clenched imagining all the interaction I will have to continue to have with this NLR cardiologist I don't know but when I texted him during breast conference (the one I was invited to but didn't even ask me to share pics even though I said I had tumor pics I was bypassed for neg lymph node at SVI I was texting Becky about it telling her Brad was waxing eloquent about freaking normal lymphocytes and I unmuted and said I have the actual tumor though? and was ignored she moved on.) he was so excited it made me happy for him I shared my e-mail so his resident could be in touch once I finish the final report. Which I was going to this weekend but damn. Thursday and Friday I did more cases that I've ever done in one day and I start call tomorrow so resting on the couch and sleeping is about all I can do.

    My friend Christy is getting her first colonoscopy tomorrow and we have been talking a bunch. When I woke up this morning her texts to Super Girl's Survival cracked me up from last night she said, OK y'all need a playlist. A drinking playlist. Got a lotta colonoscopy prep to chug tomorrow. Like 2 gallons worth. So an inspirational "chug this in 3 minutes" anthem would be great! Bring on the songs - imma make a colonoscopy prep playlist that I will share with the group!!! Damn. That sounds old. A playlist for colonoscopy prep. But I really think the right music can set you in the mood for whatever you gotta do. . .

    Chug-A-Lug by the Beach Boys and I Wanna Be Sedated and Comfortably Numb were all shared as well as Tush by ZZ Top and Lookin Out My Back Door by CCR, Pretty on the Inside by Hole and Boogie in your Butt by Eddie Murphy. I said anything by the Butthole Surfers but I don't know them very well. She sent her playlist today it also included Vasoline by STP in honor of the Boudreaux's butt paste they recommended for her she told me today it is the consistency of spackle. New Sensation by INXS is also on there it is one of her favorite bands she adores and mourns Michael Hutchence. I'm probably going to need it in a few weeks I finally made appt. with a GI doc I actually knew him in training he's been recommended by Melody and her sister Rhonda and Ali (who I'd prefer but only does inpatient and maybe I don't want my personal shit all over Epic for the entire hospital to see). 

    I woke up this morning at 4am worrying it was Monday and I missed Sunday so glad I was wrong. A huge wrong in my life with a friend is moving toward support and right I was so blissful all day yesterday I was in bed by 8pm. Yousef thinks the reason I puke almost daily between 4 and 6 is because I'm holding onto psych stuff that I let go of when I finally get home and try to relax I agree it's all IBS but ruling out something worse will probably really relieve kid's anxiety over it, which is important. It's been going on since the pandemic, that's a long time.

    Kids are migrating over I'm happy missed them so much. Had a super restful weekend The Kid Detective is light and dark and unpredictable totally recommend. Deep breaths before call week. Hope you have a good week too. Much love, Elizabeth

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