Friday, January 29, 2021

Leo Moon

     Well the first full moon of 2021 last night was a Leo moon and also a Wolf moon and the pics all over the internet today were stunning. Lisa tells me - I met with her this week for the first time in over a month - that it's supposed to balance Aqaurius the passionate Leo needs balance to get things done properly. My email from AstroButterfly talks all about ninth and tenth houses I can't pretend to understand all of that but I feel like things are moving in the right direction.

    The Chinese lunar year is in all the pics on the Guardian it's February 12th. I've learned we are moving into the year of the Ox, which is the same year as the year I was born (1973) but when I studied the Ox it kinda freaked me out. Ox's are stubborn, they have no creativity, and this year the Water Ox (me) is supposed to struggle with relationships and job security - the prognosis is dim. So I'll be glad I wasn't born in China and choose to adopt the Leo.

    I learned in micro huddle this week that it's not only viruses that drive oncogenesis it's also bacteria Strep Bovis can really latch on to the cell and create an environment where colon cancer can thrive. I was talking with an admin, Eddie Phillips, in line at Boulevard last month and he was exclaiming that although they learned that ENT cancer is caused by cigarette smoking in med school (he's a former OB he delivered Cecelia) now it's all about HPV. True true we stain all of our ENT cancers these days with p16 bc it portends prognosis. I had one just last week that I showed to Rex and he said this one will not stain but have you ever noticed the ones that do look basaloid? Kind of like in the cervix (another HPV driven tumor). I said yes I just had one last week that was non-keratinizing and it lit up like a Christmas tree with p16.

    Makes you wonder what Covid is capable of. I read an article in the Guardian this week about long Covid I discussed it in micro huddle this morning. They compared it, Covid that produces long term symptoms, to other viruses I'd never heard of in other countries that latch on and don't let go. There are three theories as to why this happens (my partner BDQ is home recovering and getting PT but still has a cough so I am super interested in this area). One is that the virus hides in places that the immune system can't get too very well, like the testicle or the eyeball, and continues to incite an inflammatory response. Theory two is that the virus' protein antigens linger on cells and the immune system continues to go crazy. Final theory is that the virus somehow gets an immune system so riled up that it just never stops in some people. Jury is still out, apparently.

    Call week has been pretty busy. Lots of frozens and putting out fires between ID docs about blood cultures. I feel fortunate to have resources in other hospital systems (Thanks Annie) to help me make decisions that benefit our patients and support the gold standard of care. 

    Call Saturday looks crazy light at least in cytology I'm thankful for that bc breast surgeon wants a call on his cell about a case I could not finish up today. Made the mores (additional slides) a go for tomorrow so I could oblige. And I really need to finish that autopsy it has been a month and although I sometimes wait more this cardiologist is itching to act on my findings so I want to help him as soon as possible.

    Finished Epstein documentary (blech) watching The Stand and third season of Cobra Kai super sophomoric but nice to wind down to after a hard day of decision making. Off after next week super excited. Work family is good and home family is good so there's much to be grateful for. Happy Friday. Much love, Elizabeth

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