Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Inauguration Eve

     Well I've got my second shot at breast conference in the morning and I hope I can show pics this time I attended two weeks ago on Oncolens when Melody presented to see how to share screen it was so ridiculously easy I'm honestly worried the issue is my computer and not me so Melody assured me she would let me have access to her office just in case I couldn't work it out. That's a relief but I'll probably arrive there at 6:15-6:30 just to make sure I can work it out. I finally took my own pics for the first time in months and months the new iPhone doesn't work on the scope (camera too fancy I won't tell you how long I tried thinking it was me) and Cecelia got a new one in March I've been waiting to get her old one until she got her problems straightened out at Verizon. Finally last week. Note to teenage parents do NOT look at your kids calendar reminders TMI do enjoy their notifications to themselves (check the news. eat healthier). S helped me air drop the photos to my phone tonight and boy am I out of practice they suck big time luckily non-path probably won't notice. But I'm looking forward to sharing path pics on Insta again.

    We had nine hundred blocks on Monday (almost 200 for me) a normal day is 4-600 overall so it was kinda crazy but today I only had 120 - still a lot - and the day was much harder case mix was more difficult and clinicians were needy.  I had my first ever frozen of a giant cell variant of Glioblastoma Multiforme, by far the most common primary brain tumor - on Friday and called for back up it was so bizarre. Normally you want three features to call GBM on frozen there is pleomorphic nuclei - it can get truly anaplastic - but since the cytoplasm is very distinct it is usually easy to tell it from a metastasis there are no cell borders it's almost hairy on touch and smear preparations (which we only do on brains it's super helpful). The other two features are necrosis, usually palisading, and glomeruloid vascular proliferation (the glomerulus is a medusiod looking thing in the normal kidney). This frozen was lacking the two latter and so many giant cells that was weird. We decided on malignant neoplasm favor glial and it turned out to be that. All sorts of neurosurgeons and oncologists calling today wanting the current fancy molecular for this tumor to be sent out. 

    BDQ has had a nasty course but he is currently in BRI hopefully to be d/c'd Friday. Ginger texted last night that his neurologic sxs, the thrashing and the hallucinations and delirium, had disappeared with rest and PT and OT and she had her boyfriend back (so cute) she was over the moon. Thank god I feel relaxed on the surface but all this stress has my GI in such a state I texted my therapist for a phone appointment Thursday at noon. Was planning to unbox all weekend but I was tethered to the couch near the bathroom mired in fatigue. I get through work fine but get home and fall out I just woke from an hour nap on the couch.

    I signed up for 10 week core strengthening sessions one on one with Matt it's so nice to see him again after a year and catch up. He's taking no new clients since pandemic. I told him I love his Zoom invites for yoga and almost paid/participated just to see him but I'm not strong enough back-wise yet to participate. He is working with me to strengthen my core and so far it's quite impressive he trained in New York and knows more muscle names than I can remember and I think this will help me keep from throwing my back out in the long run.

    I got my January weeks mixed up lol I'm not on call until next week too many damn weeks in January to keep it all straight but that was a nice Monday gift to receive. Exciting stuff on the back burner in the hire front I'll keep that under wraps for now. Wish me luck at breast conference. Much love, Elizabeth


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