Monday, January 4, 2021

Happy New Year

     Well Florida was honestly SCARY. There is no mask mandate there - DeSantis hopes to be the next President after Biden so he is catering to the no-maskers. We went to Piggly Wiggly twice (Dad calls it The Pig and I looked for that for 10 minutes on maps before I realized it was an abbreviation) and the first time it was at about 30% capacity and only 15% no maskers but the second time on NYEve it was super crowded and scary and about 50% no masks so I was glad we only had about ten items to get. Ran to the liquor store for champagne and this guy without a mask tried to hold the door open for me and smiled - I turned my head and waited until he left to enter. He probably thought I was rude but he was the rude one and he probably had no concept of it because half of the country lives in an alternate reality. 

    Cooking and shopping and cleaning up for the kids twice a day was fun but exhausting by the end. Their night starts at 9 when I'm ready to wind down. It was funny when they were plotting their Risk and poker games and Harry Potter marathons after dinner but not so funny when they were running around in the middle of the night making tons of noise. Luckily the bathroom vent in the master was super loud and created lots of white noise so after the first night sleep wasn't interrupted. 

    Beach walks were amazing so much so I was inspired to walk the neighborhood when I returned. It was the same stretch I walked in my twenties when I was home from college - about four miles - and it's funny wondering about what 20 year old me was thinking about when I was walking this same path I cannot remember. Walks can really help you wind down mentally and might help me get back into my scrubs by the Spring. Hopefully. Not that I'm self-deprecating - I'm finally getting over that - but I could stand to lose a few of these pandemic pounds, if only because I'm getting sick and tired of picking out an outfit every day. Matt texted me today he is doing a virtual yoga class - I missed his last one due to GI issues - so I hope to feel healthy enough to join at 6:00 tomorrow he is going to send me the link.

    I'm so sick of this bone spur callus on my pinky toe requiring me to get to the podiatrist every 6 weeks now to excavate so I can fit in my shoes that I am going to try to get on his surgery schedule tomorrow. I'm seeing a new guy this past year - Jesse Burks - the old clinic on Aldersgate Road shut down so I have to drive all of the way to St. Vincent's. At 9:30 am his assistant will take a scalpel to my callus - it doesn't hurt - and I am going to ask him if I can do the surgery the second week in February when I am off. If the boot will be off by the planned Spring Break to Crested Butte I'm going to go for it. I was googling him today to get the phone number and learned that he is a celebrated director of short horror films I was fascinated. The article in Arkansas Times was in October of 19 it was too long to read on this busy day but I got enough for good conversation. A silent film he published on YouTube - I can't remember the name - has 11 million views. He's been to fancy indie film festivals around the country. I didn't watch it yet but plan to - I read it's so creepy it cannot be unseen and my day was too busy to handle that tonight.

    The craziest thing I read today was about a guy in an ER in a Kaizer hospital in California who dressed up as an inflated Christmas tree to cheer up the ER on Christmas Day. It had a mechanical blower built in to keep him inflated. Turns out he unknowingly had Covid and the blower acted like a superspreader 44 people have tested positive, mostly staff, and one has died. The consequences are devastating - not funny - but the incident itself is so full of stupidity and predictability it had me chuckling all day. Who on Earth would have thought that was a good idea. The hospital put out a statement that they banned inflatable costumes (ya think?) and that the intentions were good and not malicious. Apparently their ER is still up and running I'm sure that is taking an act of God. 

    Lately, for a month or so, the Foo Fighters are chasing me around on Satellite Radio I'm so frustrated I've never gained an appreciation for them they are too screamy. Some songs are good but most drive me crazy. And The Killers are like watered down old Bruce Springsteen I don't know how they are so popular. The top song of the year by 21 Pilots on Alternative Radio makes me cringe as much as the DJ Madison (every song by them makes me cringe). But there's good stuff out there too you just gotta sift.

    Well I'm gonna wind down and maybe watch that YouTube video of Jesse's and listen to music and head to bed by ten or so. Hope you all are doing well. Happy New Year - much love, Elizabeth

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