Saturday, January 30, 2021

Call Saturday

     So I finally finished the autopsy report today. Texted the cardiologist it would be out on Monday and he asked if I would e-mail it to him. It goes out on Epic, he can print it, but still he insisted on the email. I ran it by Tina - she is back after a two week vacay - and she said no we don't do that it's not secure. Thank you, I told her, I love telling him no. He said he would be in touch with me about the publication. Half of me is like I'm in private practice I didn't sign up for this shit especially with the likes of you but the other half is like I have an opportunity to be a part of a cool publication for the first time since training and I think the latter half will win. His resident wrote an amazing death note I used it for part of my clinical autopsy note so if I get to work with him it might be ok.

    I don't think I've updated you on the hiring situation. We offered the job to Jesus but poor Melody has learned more about visa sponsorship in the last couple of weeks than any of us ever thought we would know. Long story short it won't work out. So we bid adieu and he did the same and we are back in the same boat. Autumn took the job at SVI and Natalya took a job at APS so we met this week and decided to try to get Lindsay, despite the fact that we need CP way more than AP. We will see how that works out. Whatever happens is meant to be. She is being courted by other groups hopefully we are competitive.

    Having more energy this weekend than I've had in a long time. Unboxed a ton this afternoon and got super organized house-wise. There's a lot more to do but the progress is stimulating. 

    Doc mom book club wants to re-start in March, super excited about that. I'll send the email out to the whole group on Monday to find a good date. Planning to read Austin Channing Brown's I'm Still Here. Bought it back in the Spring but still haven't read it. 

    Started watching Alone last night - 6th season dropped on Netflix - based on a story I read in the Guardian and it is captivating. Makes me want to take the runner-up's course on thriving on the elements. Planning to cook meatballs for the kids tonight. So excited for a week off after next week's work I've got lots lined up. Happy Saturday, much love, Elizabeth

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