Thursday, January 21, 2021

Brown Recluse

 Well don't even get me started on breast conference I was so disrespected not just me surgeons too one called me after and one texted and I called a breast path at SVI and vented and a breast rad at Baptist who is in my book club they all had to remind me it was Inauguration Day and I needed to chill and enjoy the moment and they are right whatever will be will be. Big sighs for dealing with self important fools.

    Muesse sent me a pic the other day of the young guy with big ole lung mass and it looked like all blood so weird will be interesting to see what the path tells but it may not have been a miss on our part after all. I've said this before but diagnosis is not black or white it's an evolution (ha ha accidentally typed it's a revolution first) the more clinical information you get the more intelligently you can attack the specimen.

    Sent the GBM off today to Arkana it was what we foretold based on the stains and I sent an email to Jon Wilson - he is the neuro tumor expert there and I met him once in yoga class (pre-pandemic of course) he and his wife are super nice. So they will get the molecular and when I last researched it only spoke toward prognosis not treatment but things evolve so rapidly I probably need to research or at least have a convo with Jon again to get caught up.

    The hiring front is rocky and murky but BDQ is definitely being discharged this weekend from BRI so Hallelujah. I've got fond memories of spending my birthday in 2019 there watching C and my dad play backgammon - he was still a little foggy and I worried but a month later at their apartment in LR he kicked my ass more than once (reminded me of trips to Florida in my youth) and I was so happy to see a full neurological recovery his body and mind took an incredible insult it's a miracle he is still here building homes and walking two miles a day and kicking my ass again at the NY Times Crossword (I introduced him and he's addicted).

    Watching The Stand in my spare time it's a little sophomoric but soothing and nice to wind down to. I marveled tonight when another one was dropped after a week how in the heck we used to wait a week to see a show binge watching is so much more enjoyable and there is less to remember. So happy it's Friday tomorrow I've got a 7am quarterly BHEC conference but I've been there for years and know they will respect me so less threatening.

    I saw a brown recluse in my sink this morning. It walked (no actually danced) on water. I didn't want to kill it despite it's scariness so S rescued it with a cup and poured it outside. Need to google that. Winding down. Writing helps. Much love, Elizabeth

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