Monday, December 14, 2020

Midnight Snow

     Last night I fell asleep early and woke at 11 pm or so - went outside and it was snowing! So magical. I danced in the courtyard and watched for over an hour and failed to take pictures oh well. It looks like it's getting so cold we may get more. 

    OMG Lindsey was lovely. Melody came and picked me up Sunday evening and we took her out to dinner and I toured and interviewed her this morning. She was a contemporary of Annie, my sister-in-law, so I was texting her seeing if she was as good as she appeared. She is from Fort Smith and seemed to have a connection to every single person I mentioned or ran into. "Brandon Walser? He's out on quarantine? I grew up with him in Fort Smith." We bumped into my ex when I briefly showed her the Dr. lounge - a place I've been avoiding for the past few months bc it seems like there is a new Dr. out with Covid every week. Bravo, Abochale, the list goes on. She not only knew one of my ex's partners she was staying with her last night and she lived three doors down from where me and my ex last lived before the divorce on S. Lookout - such a small world. She cooks  biscuits from scratch. She idolizes her nieces and nephews. She is the oldest of four - just like me. She even knows my mentor Gene Singleton and his family they have a connection. She's dermpath fellowed and working in Nashville and wanting to return to her roots. Three amazing candidates in three weeks I wish we could hire them all.

    After huddle yesterday I bumped into Krista I used to buy fresh eggs from her a while back but her chickens were mass murdered (her daughter accidentally left the gate open and I think a dog or wolf got them I can't remember correctly) then she moved and the new place is not in a raising chickens zone. God those fresh eggs were amazing. She is a secretary for the lab and I told her RESOUNDING YES from me I really want the vaccine (we were supposed to tell her yes we wanted vaccine or no we didn't) and she said I was not considered a lab worker since I was from PLA. GRRRR. I told her that I heard over the weekend from my friend Jauss at CARTI that active medical staff could get the vaccine and she said not through me you had better contact admin to see how that works. So frustrating but I'm determined so I'll figure it out. 

    My son called last night wanting privileges to my blog for some sort of secret I have no idea what the password is I haven't used it in years but I gave him a couple of options we will see what this is all about in three to four weeks he promised me. I'm off Thursday and Friday so excited looking forward to hair and massage and therapy and buying more masks from my amazing hair stylist she's selling out on her website she can barely keep up I'm so happy for her. So happy Wednesday:). Much love, E

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