Friday, December 18, 2020

Midnight Mass

     One of my favorite memories of Christmas is midnight mass. I passed the church today on the way back from getting my hair done and thought about my 7 year old self lined up out front at midnight waiting for entry. My grandparents were orthodox even though my parents weren't. Same same with my ex - his grandparents were orthodox Jews and I remember meeting and staying with them in Greensborough SC at their home. We walked outside - we weren't allowed to stay in the same room. A few months later she perished by fire. 

    But Catholic church redux I still love to attend the ceremonies it brings back amazing memories despite my issues with the politics of it all. Communion is one of my favorite things - I still hesitate to take it because you truly need to believe and I'm still in the skeptic category. The smell of the incense and the repetition of the liturgy though I swear I will seek out ceremonies in new cities to re-experience my childhood. The pomp and circumstance is so beautiful.

    It's nice being off but I feel like I'm in this weird state I should not indulge in. Like I don't deserve to relax. Even though I know I really do. I'm on call next week, and I'm hosting Christmas Eve, and Rachel texted me today and said, "Who all is there should I dress up or can I wear yoga pants.?" I definitely said yoga pants it's just us our small blended family I am working all week it's gonna be hell. But I ordered a beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce from Boulevard and a smoked salmon platter and egg nog bread (JACK) and chocolate ganache pies it will be a wonderful pandemic Christmas.

    Did you know we are entering the Age of Aquarius on December 21? I didn't either Lisa told me last week I had an amazing session where I wasn't even journeying but I did and the first 3D thing that popped up on my floor was sturgeon. Turns out the last sturgeon moon was August 20 2019 that's my fing bday and the Native Americans used it to harvest spawning prehistoric amazing fish. One fed many.

    So I googled the first historic age recorded was Leo they worshipped the sun. Every 2000 years it changes. I laughed when I learned my ex, an Aries, a literal bull in a china shop, was the ruler of the Iron Age. I'm excited to enter the Age of Aqauarius it sounds lovely. Celebrating diversity and letting go of individualism to greet collectivism. It's about fing time. Much love, E

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