Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Deadly Dump

     It's my Friday tomorrow (no today) and I was really hoping to have a full night sleep but it is what it is.

    In PMG pathology today someone asked for help filling out a death cert for a woman found dead on the side of the toilet. Lots of people chimed in, some advocating for autopsy, others talking about their expertise in this niche area. One said it is common for elderly to have PE (pulmonary emboli) while taking a dump and her husband wrote about this and presented to his hospital he titled his talk "The Deadly Dump."

    Another bragged about her article on commode cardia - she literally wrote the paper on death by valsalva maneuver her name is Amanda Fisher-Hubbard you can totally google it she sarcastically bragged "I'm so famous." LOL. Everyone was chiming in on ruptured berry aneurysms and determining COD (cause of death) and someone posted a link to a skit called Toilet Death Ejector on SNL which I had never seen and OMG I just had four needles back to back and I was sweaty and hungry but I laughed so hard I was thinking the secretaries probably thought I lost it.

    Speaking of sweaty my office is hot as shit. I've always been a chilly space heater girl but not this year others have pointed out to me it's like ten degrees warmer in my office than the rest of the hospital. I bought a fan at Walgreen's this summer and I still get iced coffee in 28 degree weather. Melody is having the same problem next door we commiserate. Today I had a nice morning then I had like five needles in one hour I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I told the secretaries don't be surprised if I show up tomorrow in my bathing suit I am so fing hot. 

    My partner Brian was readmitted for post surgical complications and it's hard to type this without crying. I know he's in good hands bc the people taking care of him saved my dad but I'm having PTSD and I was texting Ginger last night about how amazing rad Ken Robbins is (he's doing procedure on him today) about how he has two daughters and they love the Kardashians so he jumped right in and followed them around the world and when Marie Osmond came here for a fundraiser a couple of years ago he hosted her and was starstruck. He gets the best damn cores on the planet I was telling him yesterday the young ones need to step it up we need more material for molecular studies. 

    I guess I'd better check out and listen to music and go back to bed my daughter is good she signed up for guitar lessons and my new best friend Sean is good I need to pick him up tomorrow so all my people are good so I can relax and listen to music and  chill hope you are having a good week. Wanted to do yoga last night Matt shared a Zoom link but dry heaving took over and hopefully soon but not now. Thinking of everyone in my inner circle and loving and supporting. Much love, E

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