Friday, December 11, 2020

Bullet and Skull

     I've had lots of specimen types in my years as a pathologist. Appendices, lung lobes, breasts, but never ever until this week have I had bullet and skull. Jessica even equivocated in the gross - we usually don't take bullets, there were no police to receive it - the neurosurgeon insisted firmly. Apparently she was homeless, transferred from another small hospital, accidentally shot herself in the head. Hell no something is missing here. When they tried to follow up after discharge guess who didn't answer the phone.

    This call week has lasted a year. When I went into the gross room yesterday to check on things before I went home to Christmas shop online with my daughter I got a great story from my good friend Laurie. Her brother in law - Wendy's husband - has worked at Con Agra for 40 years. Wendy is over a decade older than her so kind of like a second mom. They pulled him in on Monday and told him, I shit you not, that he would be replaced by a college student to save money and starting January first he would be responsible for training his replacement. He's paid fairly well but 40 years. He's in quality control. He called in sick on Tuesday and landed a job two minutes from his house in Adkins AR as a plant manager - a bit of a pay cut but he's only really in need of the insurance for five more years Wendy retired from her lifelong school teacher job last year and he's not far behind her. Wendy called Laurie on Tuesday so happy Laurie thought she was drunk. But it was Karma. Her husband called his lifelong employer on Wednesday and told them he got a new job, he was taking four weeks vacay and he wished them luck in training his successor he would not be helping out. Sick burn. God I love Karma.

    What else? Nothing enlightening been doing lots of frozens and kind of in a tizzy over something I can't really talk about online but I'm trying to take over another department to fix dysfunction. Work people are like family. Sharing dysfunctional stories is not gossip it's rooting out dysfunction. If everyone doesn't feel supported no one can work as a team, no matter how much money you throw at them. I fixed the gross room, I'm working on transcription, now it's time to tackle histo. It takes time, for me I get angry things seem to move at a glacial pace, but I need to relax and breathe and plug in. It's not appropriate to ignore the mentally ill elephant in the room anymore you have to acknowledge and tackle it. 

    My partner Brian is doing great we sent him flowers and we got a pic of him next to them I've been sharing happily and profusely. A transcriptionist Jan said something that made me LOL "He looks a little pensive." I imagine he was a reluctant poser of the photo Ginger probably insisted. Nevertheless it's heartwarming to see him in full recovery.

    Good news in huddle yesterday Baptist is the first hospital in AR to receive the vaccine and it's happening next Thursday and there is a complicated algorithm on who receives it when I'm sure lab is not the first on the list but they will start giving it out on a week from Monday Hallelujah. I know I won't be first on the list - I'm scared as shit and haven't been to Dr lounge in two months - but hoping to get it before Xmas. Seems like there is a new Dr. every week falling to Covid thank God I work in the lab. 

    Happy happy 3 am music time here hope you are doing well I am surviving kind of a hell week but it's coming to a close thankfully. Much love, E


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